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Tranquility and geometry. One-story house of the 081 architects project

20 of July '23
Technical data
Name: KEL_20
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Lublin
Studio: 081 architekci
Design team: Sebastian Lucjan, Przemo Metko, Patryk Turewicz
Photos: Rafał Chojnacki / Fotografia Architektury


  • total
  • usable

237,66 m²
198,2 m²


21,97 m


13,30 m

Maximum height:

5,35 m

Total volume:

897,36 m³





We last talked about the KEL_20 house with architects from the 081 architekci studio almost three years ago, when it was still in the design phase. Now, the „house over the ravine” in Lublin is ready to move in. How did the work go, did the project undergo any changes and what was the construction supervision like? Patryk Turewicz answers the questions.

Dom KEL_20, widok z lotu ptaka

KEL_20 house, bird's eye view

Photo: Rafał Chojnacki / Fotografia Architektury © 081 architekci

KEL_20 was built on a plot of land adjacent to a large housing estate, so from the very beginning, the design decision of the architects and the investor was to cut off from the nearby development, and open to the northeast, where there is a picturesque ravine. We wrote about all the functional and design solutions in an earlier article—Minimalism and tranquility. One-story house KEL_20.

Dom jest minimalistyczny i parterowy

The house is minimalist and single-story

Photo: Rafał Chojnacki / Fotografia Architektury © 081 architekci

The architects, in order to give the whole block a pavilion-like appearance and emphasize its single-story character, decided to divide it into two color strips. The lower strip in light gray forms the fence and the facade up to the height of the windows. The upper strip, on the other hand, are white „ceilings” where the central living area was raised. The designers thus emphasized the hierarchy of the space and its open character.

Dom KEL_20m rzut

House KEL_20m projection

© 081 architects

interview with Patryk Turewicz

Dobrawa Bies: It has been almost three years since we last spoke about the KEL_20 House. The building has been successfully completed and without any changes to the original design. Do you feel satisfaction?

Patryk Turewicz: I definitely do. A single-family house is actually a small architectural object, but as you can see from the completion dates, you really devote a lot of time to it. In the course of these three years, together with the investor and the contractor, we managed to realize a house that meets the expectations of its inhabitants.

Dom KEL_20 powstał w Lublinie

The KEL_20 house was built in Lublin

Photo: Rafał Chojnacki / Fotografia Architektury © 081 architekci

Dobrawa: Please tell us about the stages of construction. In an earlier interview, you said that the biggest challenge would be construction supervision. Was this indeed the case?

Patrick: The supervision of the construction was very pleasant—the investor, who was very keen on conducting the construction accurately according to the design, did not look for compromises. At every stage, starting from the determination of level 0, ending with the landscaping materials, we only fulfilled an advisory role and confirmed that what is written in the project should be done in reality :)

Dom KEL_20 osłonięty jest od pobliskiej zabuodowy

The KEL_20 house is sheltered from the nearby residential area

Photo: Rafał Chojnacki / Fotografia Architektury © 081 architekci

Dobrawa: I am interested in the technical solutions introduced. The building is single-story and has flat roofs. Have you used, for example, special drainage or heating systems? Please tell me about the materials and technology.

Patrick: The house is designed quite traditionally. Masonry construction supported on footings and monolithic reinforced concrete ceilings. All ceilings are drained with roof drains into downpipes hidden in the facade. We are very fond of designing with simple and proven technologies, so that more contractors want to take on the order, which translates into a good price for the final implementation.

Dom KEL_20, taras

KEL_20 house, terrace

Photo: Rafał Chojnacki / Fotografia Architektury © 081 architekci

Dobrawa: How do investors feel in the house? Does shielding from the street really allow you to forget about the neighboring neighborhood?

Patryk: Here let me quote the message I received from the investor already after the photo shoot—"I will tell you that looking at the photos, this thought comes to my mind. As if I were to build a house, I would like to send them as an inspiration to the architect, depicting how I would like my future house to look like :) Just like a few years ago we sent some inspiration from another architect to you. Also, you can be proud of the project :)".

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

Dom otwiera się w stronę ogrodu

The house opens towards the garden

Photo: Rafał Chojnacki / Fotografia Architektury © 081 architekci

Dobrawa Bies

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