CoZa Studio

We have a track record of numerous projects for residential and office interiors, homes, commercial and hotel spaces, as well as some completely unique concepts, with the common goal always being a Happy and Safe User.

Thanks to our diverse experience - working on projects of different scales, with completely different assumptions, with different Investors and collaborators, day after day we have improved both our design skills, the efficiency of our team, and the quality of our cooperation with the Client.

Currently, we are successfully carrying out Investments in many places in Poland. We are constantly developing. We are working to operate also abroad in some time. We want our office to be a place where you can always enjoy good design and architecture, in a great atmosphere, and good company.

We know no boundaries.

Products for Home – articles

Ascale sinters - the ideal solution for countertops, furniture and cladding
Versati heat pumps by GREE - efficient and economical home heating or cooling
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