M.O.C. Architekci

M.O.C. architectural studio was founded in 2014 by Ewa and Blazej Janik in Katowice, Poland. It is a design studio engaged in a wide range of tasks related to architecture and urban planning. These include: interior designs, revitalization projects of existing buildings, designs of residential and public buildings built from scratch.

We participate in the process of architectural creation both as a general designer and as an entity actively participating in the process of investment implementation in cooperation with renowned Polish and foreign engineering offices.

We attach great importance not only to the aesthetic and technical quality of our projects, but also to the important in the design and investment process of carrying out the work of the established cost and time schedule.

The main ideological assumptions of our design work stem from the conviction that aesthetic restraint, shaped already at the level of architectural detail, promotes legibility, truth and functionality of the whole.

So, it is necessary to proceed from the high quality of the detail (part) - as a component, to the high quality of the architectural whole - as the final goal of the architect's work.

MODERATIO OPTIMUM CREAT (M.O.C.) - moderation creates the best, as the ancients would say, or measure (moderation) determines the whole (M.O.C.) - as we would say today.

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