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Results of the competition for the design of a hospice in Rybnik

15 of November '19

The results of the competition for the design of the hospice on Barbórka Street in Rybnik are now known. The first prize was won by architects from the M.O.C. studio. Architects. Congratulations!

The subject of the one-stage competition was the preparation of an architectural and urbanplanning concept for an inpatient hospice in Niedobczyce, Rybnik. The building is to be designed for thirty patients who require permanent care and ten who need day care.

1st prize

First place went to the studio M.O.C. Architects composed of Błażej Janik, Ewa Janik and Małgorzata Karolak.

1. nagroda, proj.: M.O.C. Architekci

1st prize, proj.: M.O.C. Architects

© M.O.C. Architects

The jury awarded the prize for:

skillful shaping of the body of the building with balanced proportions and size, which with its form fits exemplarily into the context of existing buildings. Restrained and elegant architecture is the result of consistent design decisions: logical disposition and clear solutions of functions, simplicity and economy of forms, and properly applied construction. The proposed spatial solutions promote good relations and a homely atmosphere for all users of the hospice - that is: residents, staff and visitors. The choice of materials, their colors and thoughtful detailing create a lasting elegance resistant to ever-faster changing fashions.

2nd prize

Second place went to the 22ARCHITEKCI studio team consisting of: Wojciech Conder, Aleksander Drzewiecki, Maciej Kowalczyk, Michał Tatjewski, Aleksandra Zubelewicz-Ladain cooperation with Katarzyna Kłaczek, Agnieszka Turczyńska, Karol Ryska and Oskar Kozaczewski.

2. nagroda, proj.: 22ARCHITEKCI

2nd prize, proj.: 22ARCHITEKCI


The project was awarded for:

coherent architectural and urbanvision and proper scale of the building in the surrounding buildings and greenery. Rationally resolved function around two patios creates an interior that is a kind of "soul" of the building, with a positive psychological effect. The apt and limited selection of materials, their nobility and consistent use, result in an architecture that is sincere and elegant in its simplicity.

3rd prize

Third place went to the team of Roland Kwaśny studio, consisting of: Zbigniew Kowalewski, Roland Kwaśny, Andrzej Kwieciński, Magdalena Grabarczyk, Paweł Brabarczyk, Krzysztof Kulawczyk, Jolanta Lelątko, Małgorzata Ryterska, Anna Włodarczyk, Tomasz Zalewski and Agnieszka Żydecka-Bąk.

3. nagroda, proj.: Roland Kwaśny

3rd prize, proj.: Roland Kwaśny

© Roland Kwaśny

The jury awarded the third prize for:

good zoning of the individual functional blocks of the hospice, correct spatial connection of the bed ward through the block of generally accessible functions with the entrance apparatus, a coherent and consistently carried out attempt to integrate the bed part of the inpatient hospice with thethe surrounding green area through an area terrace zone, the connection of the park area and the hospice building through a sensitively shaped open semi-private space, for a good idea of the shaping and arrangement of functions in the park area.

honorable mention

The honorable mention was awarded to the project of the Wojciech Gwizdak 2G STUDIO studio team, designed by Wojciech Gwizdak and Joanna Nowak in cooperation with Amelia Slewa, Dorota Orlowska-Gwizdak, Konrad Wojtasik, Ewelina Matanina and Kinga Krypko.

wyróżnienie, proj.: Wojciech Gwizdak 2G STUDIO

honorable mention, proj.: Wojciech Gwizdak 2G STUDIO

© Wojciech Gwizdak 2G STUDIO

The jury awarded the project for:

the original and consistently carried out idea of creating an analytical and systemic solution of all internal functions in one level and the proposal to shape the green park areas in the form of a "patchwork", as well as the good connection of the function of the bed rooms of the inpatient hospice with the surrounding green areas.

Illustrations courtesy of SARP Katowice

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