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A new center for Myszkow. Competition results

15 of October '20

The announcement of the results of the competition for the revitalization of the center of Myszków took place on October 15 at the headquarters of SARP Częstochowa. The jury awarded three statutory prizes and two honorable mentions. The first prize went to the 4am Architekci office .

The subject of the competition was the development of an architectural concept for the revitalization of the center of Myszków, including the comprehensive development of the main public space of the city, the reconstruction and renovation of the former bus station building with a change of function to a public library and the construction of a service building. The launch of the competition was preceded by public consultations organized by the city.

first on the podium

The first prize went to 4am Architects Tomasz Karpinski and Arkadiusz Wroblewski. The jury assessed that this was the project that best identifies the problems of the space covered by the competition. They also appreciated the good solution of communication links, taking into account the needs of residents and the apt location of the transfer center. The jury's attention was also drawn to the addition of a new building to the existing historic structure, respecting its autonomy. Overall, it was judged that 4am architekci's project is a viable solution and improves the quality of the space around the interchange.

prizes and honorable mentions

Second place in the competition was awarded to Bartosz Kowal and Bartłomiej Poteralski. In their concept, the jury's attention was attracted by the bold and consistent decision to organize the area and plan for traffic calming in the area. Third place was awarded to JAZ+Architekci Zmijewski Jaworski Massé. The jury also awarded honorable mentions. They were awarded to M.O.C. Architects of Katowice and D+P ARCHITEKTURA Paweł Skóra.

field for discussion

Włodzimierz Żak, mayor of Myszków, expressed satisfaction with the results of the competition and assessed the winning work as very ambitious, but within the city's realization capabilities. As the organizers emphasize, the settlement of the competition is the closure of a certain stage, but also the beginning of the next ones. Announcing the results and getting to know the winners opens the field for discussion. Jerzy Grochulski of the Warsaw branch of SARP, chairman of the competition jury, noted that the discussion about the city and the transformation of its space is usually a discussion of various groups of stakeholders and users. Therefore, a post-competition discussion is scheduled for October 29.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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