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Living on the Big Island. Bacciarellego 54 estate designed by Major Architects.

15 of October '20
Technical data
Name: Bacciarellego 54
Investor: Talgo Sp. z o.o. Tal&Co Sp. K. / Trei Residential Sp. z o.o. sp.k.
Location: Poland, Wrocław, 54 Bacciarellego St.
Studio: Major Architekci
Authors: Marcin Major, Anna Major, Paweł Osmak, Alicja Adamowicz, Marta Górniak, Jakub Dobras
Design: Łukasz Zimny, Jacek Pasikowski


  • design
  • implementation



  • plot
  • usable apartments

7 040 m²
2 280 m²

On Wroclaw's Big Island, at the fork of the Oder River, a new housing development is being built - Bacciarellego 54, according to a concept by architects from the Wroclaw studio Major Architekci. The designers themselves talk about what distinguishes it and how it fits into the existing development.

plan zagospodarowania

site development plan

© Major Architekci

The first phase of the project was put into operation this year. The newly built multi-family development of the Bacciarellego 54 estate takes the form of two blocks, connected by an underground parking lot - a building with a cage-gallery layout and a building with the character of an urban villa. The tectonic, minimalist blocks are the beginning of a larger premise - an estate centered around a spindle-shaped green square. Ultimately, the green square will be surrounded by two more multi-family buildings similar to the completed one, on a plan drawn along a gentle curve, and smaller multi-family houses.

dynamikę brył podkreślają charakterystyczne uskoki dachu z tarasami prefabrykowane balkony

The dynamics of the blocks is emphasized by characteristic roof faults with terraces and balconies

photo: Maciej Lulko

The dynamism of the masses is emphasized by characteristic roof faults with terraces and the rhythm of large prefabricated balconies made of colored architectural concrete. The white plastered facades of the buildings contrast with the dark window frames and wooden cladding.

Ola Kloc: What was the priority for the developer?

Major Architects: The priority of the investor as well as the designers was to create a friendly residential space that would complement a well-functioning part of the city.

widok z lotu

bird's eye view

Photo: Maciej Lulko

: Wrocław's Great Island is a special place on the city map, full of greenery, located right next to the Odra River, with the characteristic layout of the Sępolno estate. How did this unique location influence your proposed solutions?

Major Architekci: Living on the Big Island is associated by Wroclaw residents with the best example of an independently operating neighborhood. The estates are characterized by great urban scale and completeness. The neighborhood is very well connected to the city (streetcar, bus, boat), and has always offered a full range of educational, commercial and sports services, giving it full independence.



© Major Architects

The realized complex replicates yet another additional element characteristic of the Big Island, which is a green area belonging to the residents in the form of an internal green square. The estate has been divided into a section of multi-family buildings and urban villas, which dilute the urban mass towards the river. The buildings themselves have been equipped with very large balconies and terraces that respond to the surrounding greenery and the river. The structure of the apartments, due to the family-oriented nature of the habitation, is concentrated on large square meters, which is quite unusual in these days of investment housing production.


cross section

© Major Architects

On the top floor, two-story apartments have been designed with a very unusual and original spatial disposition. The living area with a kitchen is located on the top floor because of the large terrace with a view. It is served by both stairs and elevator, while the sleeping part is accessed by an internal staircase one floor below. The sleeping part as well as the living part have an exit to the staircase, which allows independent zoning of the apartments.

developed: Ola Kloc

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