MUS ARCHITECTS is an architectural studio created with passion. Repeatedly awarded in national and international architectural competitions. Our projects are characterized by functionality and ingenuity.

MUS is an abbreviation of the English phrase made up space.
MUS represents our approach to architecture marking its original genesis (inventing, assembling and creating space). These words both together and separately on many levels refer to the art of creating space, which is Architecture.

The architectural office was founded in Katowice by a duo of Silesian designers, graduates of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology: Anna Porębska and Adam Zwierzynski, who, working together for years, developed the workshop and their own vision of architecture, which ultimately led to the creation of MUS ARCHITECTS.

We are in the business of inventing space, shaping function and form, regardless of scale. For Us, design is the creation of concepts that respond to the questions, problems, or demands of specific people and places. We stimulate and follow the imagination to find the best creative and constructive solutions. We create an idea, balance emptiness and mass, and define their interrelationship.
We are innovative and pragmatic at the same time.

We want to create fascinating places. We invite you to cooperate with us.


We have many years of experience, which we use in the process of designing and implementing investments.
We are authors and co-authors of many completed and implemented architectural projects ranging from the smallest scale to complex and multi-functional cubic objects.

Depending on the requirements posed by the project, we establish cooperation with experts in various professional fields ensuring the maximization of the potential of the design team and leading to the best solutions and precise execution of the task entrusted to us. Feedback from our clients confirms the professional service we provide.

We guarantee the highest quality, creativity, reliability and timeliness.


The studio focuses on activities in the field of modern architecture and urbanism, interior architecture and design looking for new concepts, solutions and forms while maintaining the primacy of functionality.

The variety of forms of MUS ARCHITECTS' projects is a direct result of the fact that the entire complex design process is anchored in a base concept, an original thought that becomes the spark that initiates the project - a spark that is not extinguished until the end of the process of designing and realizing architecture.

Loose associations, inspiring images related to the context of the place and the design area evoke a fresh approach to design issues, lead to an in-depth analysis of functional programs and their reinterpretation and, as a result, new typologies and fascinating and unconventional architectural forms.

Our architecture draws from conceptualism and the spirit of modernism, however, its essence is not attachment to specific styles and schemes, but rather optimistic curiosity and an unbridled desire to seek and create new and fascinating things.


We offer an innovative and modern approach to architecture, as well as comprehensive services for investments in the necessary arrangements and permits.

Scope of services offered (throughout the country):

  • co-creation of the investment program,
  • conceptual designs,
  • photorealistic visualizations and mock-ups of the investment,
  • construction projects and complete documentation necessary to obtain a building permit,
  • detailed designs,
  • consulting and author's supervision,
  • preparation of marketing materials to promote the investment,
  • construction inventories, estimates, cost estimates, opinions.

Architectural, construction and multi-discipline design includes:
Single-family houses, residences and villas, adaptations, residential complexes and buildings, public buildings, office buildings, production halls, interiors (residential, office, service...) and other, individual.

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