ONDA Architektura

ONDA Architecture - an in-house design studio founded by architects Joanna and Michal Matraszek.

"Our goal is to create architecture that is sustainable, identifiable with the place, designed in response to the needs of its audience, thoughtful and refined in every detail. "Onda" in Portuguese means wave. We gained our first experience as architects in Portugal, and Portuguese contemporary architecture, because of its simplicity, elegance, balanced proportions, inspires us constantly during our design work. We are committed to ensuring that our projects are distinguished by a fresh approach to design manifested in the form and solutions used, tailored to the needs, lifestyles of the users and the place where they are built. Most of the projects, we carry out in the Podkarpacie region, translating traditional architectural forms into contemporary design language and blending them into the diverse terrain."

Ascale sinters - the ideal solution for countertops, furniture and cladding
Versati heat pumps by GREE - efficient and economical home heating or cooling
Green roofs by ZIDA