PIM Concept

PIMconcept studio is a design studio run by Dorota and Gabriela, two graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow at the Interior Design Department. We design private interiors, luxury apartments, as well as public spaces: hotels, restaurants and cafes.

We are a close-knit team, open to new challenges, willing to take on unusual assignments. Designing is our passion, not a professional obligation, and remember that what is done with heart is done well. Location is not a problem for us - we design all over the country.

Each project is our baby - we approach it individually and with care. We juxtapose a list of dreams with costs, resulting in the kind of projects we would prepare for ourselves.

We don't know the word 'limitations'. Although we specialize in stylish and classic interiors, our projects are diverse, tailored to individual needs. Based on a predetermined budget, we provide a comprehensive service requiring minimal input from the client. We understand what it means to have little time - we are not only there to provide creative input, but also so that the day of the people we work with can last a while longer.

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