Historic interior in green and pink

25 of May '23

A pre-war apartment in the heart of Old Podgórze has undergone a unique metamorphosis. The cramped, modest rooms on the first floor of a Krakow tenement have been transformed into an open space full of natural light illuminating the interior through large, distinctive windows. Gabriela Gajek and Dorota Kwiecień of PIM Concept are responsible for the project.

Kącik jadalniany Wyspa z blatem z lastryko

The apartment was decorated in green and pink

© PIM Concept

With respect for history

A key goal of the transformation was not only to provide a sunny space, but also to create a practical arrangement in the 57m2 apartment and to set aside enough storage space. Capacious custom built-ins ensured adequate functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. The owner, a lover of color, flowers and interesting objects, created an original space that exudes joy and creates a cozy atmosphere. When designing the metamorphosis, it was important to maintain respect for the existing space of the tenement. This was achieved through the use of elements characteristic of its architecture and history, such as vintage furniture, stucco mould ings and parquet flooring in a classic herringbone pattern.

W mieszkaniu pojawiają się elementy nawiązujące do historycznego charakteru

The apartment features elements that allude to the historic character of the

© PIM Concept

Fine details

The kitchen blends harmoniously with the spacious living room by means of a large island with a terrazzo countertop. Its pattern alludes to the architectural elements of the building visible in the common areas of the tenement, such as the staircase and the floor. The same motif can also be found in the bathroom. Above the island hang original tassel lamps in pink. Also not escaping attention is the lamp above the table, made of solid wood and Viennese braid, which stands out for its size, and at the same time unusual lightness. The whole looks exquisite against the green wall. This color is also repeated in the kitchen built-in section, where, in turn , custom-made brass handles add a sophisticated touch.

Nad wyspą zawisnęły fantazyjne lampy

Fancy lamps hang above the island

© PIM Concept

A colorful accent

In the bedroom, green was juxtaposed with soft powder pink, creating an optical division of the high space. The bed in a bold burgundy color is a distinctive accent. A large closet, referring in character to the original restored door woodwork, adds a unique charm to the interior.

W sypialni stanęło burgundowe łóżko

A burgundy bed stood in the bedroom

© PIM Concept

A personal element

The bathroom was decorated in intense shades of green. Careful attention to detail immediately catches the eye. The fixtures, accessories and gold mirror frame are jewelry for the entire space, and a warm atmosphere is introduced by a vintage-style wooden console restored by the owner's own hands.

Drewniana konsola została odrestaurowana własnoręcznie przez właścicielkę

The wooden console was restored with her own hands by the owner

© PIM Concept

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