Kitchen island - how to match it with the rest of the interior?

27 of July '22

The kitchen island is an extremely distinctive element of the interior. Interestingly designed, it can be its true decoration. However, we must remember that it should be adapted to the rest of the interior.


This kitchen uses an interesting combination of elements characteristic of the style, such as hanging metal lamps, minimalist wall shelves and hockers, with warm colors of wood. This color appears primarily on the brick wall, countertop and kitchen island. It makes the interior not austere, but rather nice and cozy. A large potted flower on the floor and high wall windows, through which trees and shrubs peek into the interior, further emphasize the friendly character of the kitchen. Here, preparing meals is not cumbersome and monotonous. Especially since the room was designed so that while working you could always, at least for a moment, look at the greenery outside the window. Placed in the center of the island with a dishwashing zone, in which the main role is played by an elegant faucet, it is large enough to allow small meals. The countertop with a small stove and the cabinets below it are also close to the window. The industrial kitchen thus gains a new, warmer face.

Wyspa z baterią zlewozmywakową stojącą Fiesta

Island with Fiesta stand mixer sink.

© Ferro


Bohostyle is based primarily on nature. It is no different in this kitchen. This arrangement is based on the combination of white and natural wood. Furniture in this color scheme gives the interior a cozy character. What catches the attention here is the island made of wood. The furniture has wheels, so it is easy to move it around. The imperfections of the interior were also cleverly used here. The protruding pipes have been painted white. The piece of wall located on the left side of the stove has also been incorporated into the annex. In addition, we can notice decorative tiles on the smooth cabinets, which probably came from an old stove. Vintage and reuse of materials fits in perfectly with the boho style. An abundance of plants adds to the naturalness. The accessories also remain in the color scheme of earth colors. Noteworthy is the use of two patterned rugs. This solution is not so obvious in the kitchen area. However, it definitely adds to its coziness. This kitchen is open to the rest of the apartment. Right next to it we have cabinets and a relaxation corner. An armchair sunk in a thicket of green leaves will make us move with our thoughts to the hot tropics.

Kuchnia w stylu boho

Boho style kitchen

Photo by Eddy Lee © UNSPLASH

Scandinavian style

This kitchen is distinguished by its simple form. This is because in Scandinavian style we focus primarily on functionality. Minimalist design is based on harmonious furniture. Light wood is the king here. After all, there is no real Scandinavian interior without wood. The whole is complemented by white. However, we will meet this color both in smooth form on the furniture and as marble on the island. Such a variety allows to maintain minimalism, but not to fall into boredom. The only color accents are black accessories. In this way, the whole is consistent. However, there are not too many of them. After all, the Scandinavian style interior must not be cluttered. The less, the better. A bit of fun can be found here in the textures used. The lamps, located above the island, are decorated with a delicate pattern. Some of the accessories are glossy, while the rest are matte. The whole is complemented by natural accents. Leaves in a vase and a rattan tray.

Kuchnia z wyspą w styluskandynawskim

Kitchen with an island in Scandinavian style

Photo by R Architecture © UNSPLASH

Greek style

The interior in a summer, cheerful colors is conducive to all activities related to the preparation of meals. Especially if the style is reminiscent of a Greek taverna, which is associated with vacations and carefree. Such is the blue and white kitchen with a terrace. It makes the room even brighter and larger. When you open the door, you can dine outdoors, enjoying the extraordinary views of the garden and the sea spreading nearby. Other enlivening colors also appear in the Greek arrangement. Green are herbs and plants in pots, orange and yellow - fruits. A lemon faucet looks great on the kitchen island. A beautiful decoration of the interior is a wall mosaic, the design of which refers to the decorative motifs present in Mediterranean countries. The whole, illuminated by sunlight streaming in through the wide terrace windows, looks really impressive. Therefore, it is hard to imagine that those working here would not enjoy the cheerful atmosphere.

Wyspa kuchenna z cytrynową baterią zlewozmywakową Zumba

Kitchen island with lemon Zumba sink faucet

© Ferro

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Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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