Non-ordinary stools. Hockers tailored to your... interior.

26 of May '22

Ahocker is a stool or chair on extended, slender legs. This piece of furniture is a symbol of evening entertainment and relaxation. The high seat mainly associated with bar interiors, pubs and pubs, more and more recently appears in our home kitchens. Well-chosen for the interior, hockers can save a lot of space and are extremely comfortable to use.

Stołki barowe metalowe Stołki barowe metalowe

Metal bar stools

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Variety of models

A wide selection of designs will complement the style of any arrangement. There are timeless or surprisingly modern models, they can be multicolored or classically subdued, with a minimalist expression or extremely ornate. However, keep in mind the need to adjust to our needs, not only the aesthetics, but above all the basic parameters of the chair. Comfort will be affected by the height, type of seat, as well as the material of manufacture.

Drewniane hokery w skandynawskim stylu Drewniane hokery w skandynawskim stylu

Wooden hockers in Scandinavian style

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Health and comfort above all

The position that has been promoted over the years, in which elbows, knees and hips are set at right angles, seems to cause unnatural positioning of the back. To reduce their pain and other discomforts resulting from frequent sitting, keep the knees below the hips. This position will allow the spine to bend naturally. The design of the hocker ensures that the seat is quite high, so it causes the thighs to slope downward, which certainly reduces back pain. Then, we also gently activate the muscles, thus strengthening the back.

So-called active sitting also promotes blood flow and naturally retracts the shoulders. It is worth remembering not to cross your legs when in this position , and to leave your feet supported on the floor or crossbar.

Studies show that those who use a high chair for mental work show higher concentration, and our micro-movements in this position improve our cognitive functions, which translates into better performance. Bar stools are therefore a stylish and healthy alternative to classic chairs.

Wysokie siedziska z oparciem Wysokie siedziska z oparciem

High backed seats

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To each according to his needs

Some prefer a classic solution, with a flat seat, while others require contoured , soft models, with or without a backrest. We will also want to match the hocker to the style of our home. With a wide range of variants, we will match them both to classic interiors, modern minimalist, or even those in glamour style. Bar stools will be a great idea in a loft apartment, or even in a Scandinavian kitchen or dining room. So we can compose a bar, relaxed, but at the same time luxurious atmosphere with any arrangement.

Hokery pasujące do wnętrz w stylu retro Hokery pasujące do wnętrz w stylu retro

Hockers suitable for retro-style interiors

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An extremely practical solution

A high stool will also provide a comfortable position for kitchen activities, where you work standing up, because classic chairs are too low for this purpose.

If the hocker has no supports, it will help us save a lot of space. Attached to the island, peninsula or high coffee table, it will be easy to hide under the countertop, which will organize our space.

The adjustable seat height will provide comfort for both tall and short people, allowing everyone to work, converse and relax comfortably. Bar stools will bring a touch of casual atmosphere to our home, while not causing a sleepy atmosphere during social gatherings.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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