An indispensable piece of living room equipment - Coffee table

24 of February '22

The humble coffee table is often overlooked in terms of the stylistic possibilities it presents. However, we are here to show how this distinctive piece of furniture placed in our living rooms can be used to create an inspiring interior.

Timeless classic

It doesn't matter whether we are decorating an interior in boho, japanese or scandi style wood is a natural material that will suit any interior. It gives us a sense of warmth and quality. Although wooden tables and countertops have been made for years, their design is constantly changing and delighting. Seemingly simple forms sometimes, thanks to finesse finishes, extremely affect the perception of the entire arrangement.

Stolik OX

OX table

© Miloni

Stolik Al 102

Table Al 102

© Swallow's Tail Furniture

Stół MEDUSA - 100% nowa klasyka

MEDUSA table - 100% new classic

© Swallow's Tail Furniture

Stolik BLOX 2 z drewna dębowego

BLOX 2 table in oak wood

© Miloni

Stolik kawowy YPPERLIG

YPPERLIG coffee table


Ingenuity and avant-garde

When you think of your coffee table as more than just a surface for setting drinks and books, you can create a stylish addition to your decor. Perhaps the coffee table is meant to serve even additional functions. If you complain about lack of space, you can choosea coffee table with extra space for blankets, or one that consists of just 3 parts and can be folded very easily. Since working at home is the order of the day these days, we may need a coffee table with a lift-up top that can serve as a desk. And if we want this inconspicuous piece of furniture to become a unique display in our interior, it can even serve as a bookcase or even a mini greenhouse for houseplants.

Tapicerowane stoliki kawowe Flesia

Flesia upholstered coffee tables

© Nobonobo / Design: Chris Stanfel



© Swallow's Tail Furniture

Podręczny stolik z rodziny ST STOOL i ST HOCKER

A handy table from the ST STOOL and ST HOCKER family.

© Swallow's Tail Furniture

The right setting

Choosing a table is one thing, but positioning it and selecting the right accessories is our next task. To highlight the piece of furniture and make our relaxation area in the living room a truly eye-pleasing place, we can use several decorative treatments. It's worth repeating the color of the wall, the sofa or the color in a nearby graphic hung on the wall. This is an extremely important aesthetic combination that ties the whole arrangement together. It does not necessarily have to be a piece of furniture. We can achieve this effect by putting candles, vases, easy-care plants and metal decorations on the table.
You also need to plan enough space. Such a piece of furniture should, above all, be functional. When planning its location in the living room, take into account sufficient width between it and the sofa or armchairs, so that guests can comfortably put down a cup of tea. The approximate space we will need is 1/3 of the total length/diameter of the table.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

Photos and information courtesy of brands © Swallow's Tail Furniture, © Nobonobo, © IKEA and © Miloni

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