The past in the present - vintage style

04 of March '22

Vintage interior design is a popular and attractive trend and a fun way to express yourself when decorating your home. A characteristic of this style is the use of furniture and styles from previous eras. We suggest how to arrange a space referring to this peculiar trend.

Zestawienie mocnych i delikatnych barw

Juxtaposition of strong and delicate colors

© Devon Janse Van Rensburg

Inspirations from yesteryear

Numerous breakthroughs in fashion and music have naturally influenced interior design trends in recent decades. These days, looking back and interpreting past trends through interior design is encouraged. Instead of following the current fashion, vintage style helps express individuality and refers to previous memories and experiences. It is a fusion of past styles. The 1960s/70s/80s, by which arrangements in this style are most often inspired, were considered the most influential era in terms of music, fashion and style. The harmonious combination of classic and modern makes the designed space nostalgic, but not outdated.

Liski, muszelki i inne kultowe wzory krzeseł i foteli z PRL-u będą pasować idealnie

Foxes, seashells and other iconic designs of chairs and armchairs from the communist era will fit perfectly

© Katarzyna Grabowska

The most important features of a vintage-style interior

Designing and decorating a home in vintage style usually means including furniture, accessories and color palettes from earlier years. Such arrangements also usually vary depending on the period on which we focus and model. Each of the elements of the space, although often completely unique, harmonizes with its surroundings, creating an aura of elegance and grace.

Wood nonetheless

Wide plank floors are ideal for homes decorated in a vintage style. They show more of the wood grain and contain more knots and imperfections. These accents add rustic charm and help make the space unique. Combined with the variety of colors of the carpet, the elegance and classiness of the wooden floor are materials that give the room space a unique character. However, the floor is not the only part of the arrangement that uses wood - it can be shelves, tables and chairs of different color tones.

In the basement at grandpa's house

In this unique arrangement handed down by grandparents, icons of old eras will be perfect. You can look for furniture, for example, at antique fairs. Sometimes they need a light refresh - to replace the upholstery or paint with varnish. An example of this can be armchairs from the People's Republic of Poland undergoing renovation. Not only is it true that the Polish communist period was really rich in design gems, but by restoring such furniture, we live in harmony with the environment.

Nastrojowe dodatki idealnie wkomponowują się w aranżację

Atmospheric accessories blend perfectly into the arrangement

© Haley Truong

Accessories with history

In a space designed in vintage style,we can often notice bronze candlesticks, antique clocks, hanging pictures, flower pots, pillows... Then, too, we can use second-hand items. Each of them exudes a unique energy, and also carries some unique story.

More color!

Thecolor scheme in interior design in this style often uses, neutral colors. However, against this delicate background it is worth going wild - strong colors used in accessories or on the walls will look phenomenal and become a modern design element.

Atmospheric lighting

For artificial lighting, the preferred light color should be rather warm. We can put designer floor lamps on the floor, which can create a unique atmosphere.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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