Raw but cozy - rustic interior

03 of March '22

Regardless of the variety, the rustic style emphasizes raw, natural beauty. However, we don't have to live in a log cabin - just put emphasis on natural materials and ecology.

Drewno we wnętrzu nadaje rustykalnej, ciepłej atmosfery

Wood in the interior gives a rustic, warm atmosphere

© Hans Isaacson

The rustic design is warm and cozy

Thedesign aims to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. A large fireplace will often be the centerpiece of the living room, and while everything is somewhat austere, warm colors, a variety of textures in the form of woven baskets or rugs, and natural textiles make it especially cozy.

Cegła i naturalne drewno to autentyczne materiały

Brick and natural wood are authentic materials

© Chasity Cortijo

The most important features of a classic style interior

Rustic style evokes the feeling of old times. Design styles such as rural, Tuscan or coastal can also be assigned to this category. This type of decor is the opposite of modern or contemporary design. Although we may associate it with something heavy and unfinished today's rustic interiors have a fresh and light aesthetic.

Organic materials

The basis for this style is the use of natural materials. This means lots of wood and stone used in both furniture and wall elements. Age-old wood is also often used giving an unusual authenticity. On the floor you will find organic and natural materials and the fabrics used in the interiors are, for example, linen, linen or jute. In the bedroom, consider bedding made of linen or organic cotton, all in neutral colors. Rustic design in its essence is based on the use of organic elements in their most natural state.

Gentle color palette

The color pal ette sticks firmly to neutral colors like beiges, whites, browns and grays. There is also a bit of room for bold colors, as long as they stick to earthy tones. When choosing a paint color, however, reach for warmer shades. These will create a cozy atmosphere.

Raw, authentic furniture

Rustic furniture and fabrics have a touch of roughness to them. The design is never perfect, as most of them are made of raw wood and stone, so they seem a bit shabby or unfinished. The variety of shapes, textures and colors from natural materials makes the furniture unique. Don't be afraid to choose pieces that are a bit weathered or worn - rustic decor is rarely perfect, and instead draws the eye through imperfection and grain.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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