Studio Wzory

Jagoda Valkov

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Interior designer, set designer, photographer, coordinator of major art and exhibition events, urban activist. She gained her knowledge at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, where she studied scenography and exhibition design, as well as landscape architecture in Warsaw; she also graduated from the Academy of Photography in Warsaw, the Andrzej Wajda School and the Sputnik Photos mentoring program.

Anna Indulska

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Once the long-time owner of the Praski Winowajca club cafe and manager of the cult restaurant Bufet Centralny in Warsaw, today she is a specialist in Polish post-war functional art with a special focus on glass from Polish glassworks, constantly deepening her knowledge of Polish metallurgy and porcelain factories. She shares her knowledge and skills by creating art-utilitarian projects, such as a collection of more than 150 decorative glasses from the 1960s-80s, created for the Raffles Europejski Hotel.

Maria Lubicz-Lapinska

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She uses the knowledge she gained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, now professionally engaged in film and advertising editing and graphic design. She is responsible for the graphic design of the WZORY Design Fair and the Warsaw Culinary Festival. As an editor, she has worked for such companies as Lost At Sea, Red Bull, Surfmag, Maxcom, Mitsubishi, ChaiKola.

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