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Atanas Valkov's forest studio by Studio Designs

14 of May '20

RMF Classic radio helped and continues to help its listeners survive the quarantine and isolation caused by the pandemic. One of the broadcasts featured a concert by Atanas Valkov played, in the composer's own words, from his forest studio. The name itself already sounds intriguing, and of even greater interest is the fact that the designer was Yagoda Valkov, the artist's wife.

The forest studio is not just a name. Behind the large windows there is a view of towering trees - the house that houses the composer's studio is indeed located in the forest. Its interior was designed by Jagoda Valkov, who is not only the co-founder of Studio Wzory, but also the organizer of the Wzory Design Fair or the Warsaw Culinary Festival. When creating her husband's studio, the architect drew handfuls of inspiration from the surrounding nature. All these inspirations can be seen in the result of the work!

Basia Hyjek: What was the main inspiration for creating this interior?
Jagoda Valkov: The main inspiration for the project was nature, the forest, tree bark, moss - this inspired me. I wanted the interiors of the studio to be part of the forest, so that the composer would feel like he was in the most wonderful space that inspires and opens the mind. That's why there are windows facing the forest all around. We always associate the studio with a dark burrow, den, underground, and for me it is a place of creation, brightness and inspiration. The most important thing is to be able to draw from nature and for the sun to reach here.

Leśne studio Atanasa Volkova. Przestrzeń inspirowana lasem

The challenge was to create such a studio room that would combine the function of a recording room and a home theater for working on film productions

photo by Jagoda Valkov

Basia: What was the biggest challenge in creating the forest studio?
Jagoda: The challenge was to design the music studio so that it would be beautiful and at the same time serve an acoustic function. To do the design in terms of acoustics, I invited a company that only deals with this. The director's room was completely acoustically designed, suitable for recording, so that the music listening would be perfect.

The studio consists of a director's room, a studio room and a booth for recording vocals. A rather unusual challenge was to create such a studio room that would combine the function of a recording room and a home theater for working on film productions. The design of the studio had to relate to the entire complex located on the property - from the acoustic systems to the custom-made studio furniture.

Due to its function, the director's room must have very high sound absorption. Approximately 90% of the room's surface is made up of specially designed absorption elements hidden behind fabric "walls." These elements are suspended panels adapted with appropriate types of mineral wool, whose task is to absorb sounds over a wide range. The only reflective planes are the floor and the back wall, which at the same time performs a diffusing function.

Leśne studio Atanasa Valkova zainspirowane lasem

The director's room must be characterized by very high sound absorption

photo by Jagoda Valkov

Basia: Where did you get the idea for such a selection of colors and materials?
Jagoda: Nature itself gives us ideas, wood is the most wonderful "living" building material with unlimited form and structure. That's why I chose for the floor an oak plank laid in French herringbone, which refers by its form to the forest. On the walls are oak panels with an uneven structure to make the acoustics of the space even better. The acoustic walls in the director's office were covered with navy blue and light gray linen material.

Basia: You designed the studio space for your husband. How did your cooperation go?
Jagoda: Building a house and designing together is a difficult stage in life, nevertheless we were full of trust towards each other and understanding of each other's needs. I knew how the studio should look, and Athanas knew how it should sound and what he needed in it to function perfectly.

Designing is listening, looking and creating. Together we enjoyed making our dreams come true and having the opportunity to be with each other in the process. It was a difficult but beautiful time.

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