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Stylish Basel. Interiors of the Radisson Blu hotel designed by Polish architects.

19 of May '20

The stylish and cozy new interiors of the Radisson Blu hotel in Basel, Switzerland, are a project by Cracow-based Iliard Architecture & Interior Design.

The completely transformed look of the Radisson Blu Hotel Basel attracts both business clients and tourists who appreciate high standards. A six-month renovation worth more than ten million Swiss francs has brought modern solutions and the latest design to the hotel's interiors.

Radisson Blu hotel. Lobby

The spacious lobby is the hallmark of the hotel

Photo: Radisson Hotel Group

new lobby a showcase of the hotel

The center of the hotel is a spacious, stylish lobby, which seamlessly leads to other parts of the facility. One of the designers Izabela Kaim-Kalinowska says this about working on the most representative part of the facility:

In my opinion, this is the strongest point of the whole project. We completely redesigned the way this space works, we moved the bar from the lobby to the restaurant. I can see the impression the lobby makes on guests, and I'm very pleased with this positive reception.

Wnętrza hotelu Radisson Blu — bar

The hotel's bar in its new look

photo: Radisson Hotel Group

Wood, leather and glass - timeless elegance

In addition to the main lobby, Iliard architects have transformed all two hundred and six hotel rooms and suites, the restaurant and bar, and the conference center, which consists of seven rooms. Natural materials - wood, leather, glass - were used for furniture and accessories. Lighting, inspired by the modernist tradition, is also an important design element. Izabela Kaim-Kalinowska states:

We tried to make our design characterized by timeless elegance, and I know that the investor and hotel guests like it. We also managed to work out some details like lamps and carpets. I'm glad, because they are now being used as inspiration for other projects in the Radisson Blu chain.

Sypialnia w hotelu wnętrze pokoju hotelowego

Wood dominates the interiors of hotel rooms

photo: Radisson Hotel Group

home atmosphere

Considering business clients, the architects focused on chic and class in the hotel's common areas. On the other hand, they brought more warmth and homey atmosphere to the rooms. Soft carpets cover the floors in warm colors. The walls are decorated with black and white photos, and the effect is completed by atmospheric lighting.

Lots of light and subdued colors

photo: Radisson Hotel Group

new look of the hotel

This is what Wojciech Witek, founder of the Iliard office, says about the design work:

The biggest difficulty in designing and later executing this project was the existing fabric. We did not design this hotel on a white sheet. We had to decide what we could keep and what changes were worth fighting for. Of course, the choice was careful enough to ensure that the existing elements did not stand out from the newly designed ones either in style or quality. I think we succeeded in achieving this result.

The design of the hotel in Basel is another project by Iliard Architecture & Interior Design office for one of Europe's largest exclusive hotel brands, Radisson Blu. Within the framework of the cooperation, the Poles have also designed the brand's hotels in Cologne, Prague, Krakow or Sopot, as well as other facilities in the Radisson Hotel Group network.

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