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RM58 armchair designed by Roman Modzelewski. A design icon in a mini version

14 of May '20

TheRM58 armchair designed by Roman Modzelewski is the best proof that great design stands the test of time perfectly. Although it was somewhat forgotten for several decades, today it is widely available thanks to the activities of enthusiasts of good design. What's more, lovers of the iconic armchair can now expand their collection with a miniature of the iconic piece of furniture.

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Roman Modzelewski on one of the first RM58 prototypes


design icon returns to Polish interiors

Roman Modzelewski, an outstanding and versatile designer and educator, co-founder of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, is behind the design of the RM58 armchair. The piece of furniture was created in 1958 (hence the 58 in the name) and was produced in only a few dozen pieces. The RM58 armchair was admired by Le Corbusier himself! What is the uniqueness of the design? First of all, it is one of the first examples in Poland of the use of a new material - polyester-glass laminate, and it is also distinguished by the organic form of the seat forming a unified body.

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Although the communist period was not kind to the armchair, which did not make it to mass production, the furniture in the 21st century got another chance - Jakub Sobiepanek founded the Vzór brand , which handled the production of the RM58 armchair. As a result, it has been available for sale since June 2012.

We recommend the video, in which the designer's wife, Wera Modzelewska, talks about the history of the famous armchair:

RM58 Classic mini version

The Vzór brand has launched a campaign to pre-sell miniature versions of the RM58 armchair in its most famous Classic version, the glossy red. The mini armchair is offered on a scale of 1:7 (height 10 cm, width and depth 9 cm). The initiative will include the creation of up to three hundred hand-painted miniatures made using the foam milling technique. The project's partner is Domoteka, where the Vzór brand showroom is located.

fotel RM58
w wersji mini oferowany jest w skali 1:7

RM58 Classic armchair in a mini version

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how to take part in the action?

The action was launched on April 30 this year. Those interested in purchasing a miniature can sendan e-mailto In response, they will receive an information package, regulations and a pro forma invoice. The cost of the RM58 mini chair is 298 PLN gross. There will be 3 weeks for sign-ups and deposits, the planned delivery time is 6 weeks. Each person who buys a miniature will gain discounts in the Vzór showroom (in the amount of 15% for the period until 31.07.2020 and 10% from 1.08-31.12.2020). To get the discount, all you need to do is to refer to the purchase of the miniature (provide the reservation number or paid invoice).

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