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Animals have appeared on Gdynia's nurseries! New works from Traffic Design

07 of June '23

What animals live in Poland? This question will cause difficulties not only for children and teenagers, but also for many adults. Fortunately, with help comes Traffic Design, which will tell us a little about the flora and fauna through successive metallographs.

How can we learn about the animals in our immediate environment? If only through graphics made of metal, which have become an integral technique of the Gdynia-based art collective Traffic Design. On the white facades of the new nurseries we can find rabbits, deer, foxes or storks. Each nursery has a separate "animal patron"—this will make it easier for children to identify their nursery. In addition, the formula of metalographs with animals allows for continuity if more nurseries are established in the future.

Lisek na żłobku numer 7

fox on nursery number 7

© Traffic Design

The metallographs designed by Jacek Wielebski also have an additional advantage, they do not fall into excessive infantilism, which often accompanies graphics dedicated to the youngest. You won't find mottled colors, which is already a big advantage. We wrote about the metallographs of this art collective on the pages of the portal already in 2021 (see also—What is metallography from Traffic Design).

rozwiązanie identyfikacji wizualnej można powielać, jeśli będą powstawać nowe placówki

The visual identity solution can be duplicated if new outlets are created

© Traffic Design

Traffic Design has been trying for years to show that pastelosis combined with banter can be turned into high-end design that makes common spaces more open and friendly. The small-sized minimalist metallographs, with further development, can become a new symbol of Gdynia or the Tricity, indicating how the streets should be decorated.

Monika Domanska of Traffic Design talks about the idea of animal metallographs.

Wiktor Bochenek: Traffic Design has returned to metalwork—is this the beginning of more projects?

Monika Domanska: Metalwork has been present in our projects for a good few years now, and nothing (except the increase in material prices) promises that this will change. In recent months we have also been testing completely new materials for us, such as recycled plastic printed in 3D or biotin. We are also working on Biennial 2024, so new raw materials and technologies can be expected, but metallography remains close to us.

bocian na żłobku numer 8

stork on nursery number 8

© Traffic Design

Wiktor: Why did you focus on animal representations this time?

Monika: The idea for the series with animals came from the need to create a set of elements that can be expanded and replicated if the nursery network expands. Individual animals illustrated by Jacek Wielebski will be able to become „patrons” of the nurseries and enable easier identification: „I go to the nursery with a fox” or „I go to the nursery with an owl.” The animal characters are also easy for small audiences to recognize and remember. The authors hope to facilitate adaptation and the building of the first small community of which children become a part.

obok ilustracji istotna jest również typografia

In addition to the illustrations, typography is also important

© Traffic Design

Wiktor: What possibilities do metalwork offer compared to other activities in the urban sphere?

Monika: Metal is a very durable material, so it can safely last for decades without fading or falling off like some paints. Our metallographs can also be disassembled and reassembled, such as for facade renovations, which is not possible with murals. In addition, using spacers, we are able to create spatial forms, which also distinguishes this technology on the plus side. Metalwork is a noble form that blends perfectly with architecture, creating a new quality. With our actions we add a new plastic layer on the building, which has its own autonomy, and at the same time interacts with the existing object.

Wiktor: Thank you for the interview.

Jeleń na żłobku numer 6

deer on nursery number 6

© Traffic Design

elaborated and asked Wiktor Bochenek

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