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In Ostrow Wielkopolski they fought for a better space

04 of April '23

Are "hipster storefronts" and a little more interesting advertising design only available in metropolitan areas? In the popular mindset, Poland outside the big centers consists only of advertorials and cheap billboards. Ostrów Wielkopolski has shown otherwise.

ulica Wiosny Ludów 7 przed i po

7 Wiosny Ludów Street before and after

© ArchiBUNT Association

The spaces of smaller Polish cities do not attract as much attention as metropolises - it is these centers that struggle the most with problems that push aesthetic issues to the background. It was different in Ostrow Wielkopolski, where as part of revitalization efforts it was decided to focus on improving urban space by interfering with advertising. This is how the project "Signboard in a good mood" was created, as part of which, at Wiosny Ludów street, with the financial help of the magistrate, it was possible to change the face of several store windows.

ulica Wiosny Ludów 9 przed i po

9 Wiosny Ludów street before and after

© ArchiBUNT Association

As part of the action, the facade of three premises was refreshed, three neon signs and one led neon were installed. The entire action organized by the archiBUNT Association was preceded by lectures on design, advertising and signs. How the face of these several stores has changed - just look at the photos. Even small interventions can bring the impulses of change that medium-sized cities need most.

ulica Wiosny Ludów 17 przed i po

17 Wiosny Ludów Street before and after

© ArchiBUNT Association

Members of the archiBUNT association Konrad Moszyński and Remigiusz Jurek talk about how the idea for the project was born, why the aesthetics of the space is important and what they plan to do next

Wiktor Bochenek
: How was the idea for this action born?

Konrad Moszynski: The idea for an action of this type was born in our heads quite a long time ago. Professionally, we work as graphic designers and architects, hence we come into contact with the issue of aesthetics of public space on a daily basis.

So far we have organized events and exhibitions in Ostrow dedicated to architecture and urban planning. The theme of the last event, entitled "Neonalia - Ostrów's Signs," was typography and its role in the city space. In addition to archival photos of Ostrów's neon signs, signs and logos, the exhibition also featured visualizations created by us with proposals for changes in signs and the appearance of storefronts of exemplary selected premises. Inspired by the activities of similar groups in larger cities, such as Traffic Design from Gdynia, we finally decided to act in our home "backyard" and put these ideas into practice. This was possible thanks to the initiative and goodwill of the Ostrów municipality, which announced an open competition for the implementation of public tasks in the field of revitalization. The result is the metamorphoses of signs, storefronts (as well as facades, thanks to the good will and financial resources of building owners), which were preceded by a series of lectures, workshops, consultations and a study walk.

ulica Wiosny Ludów 21 przed i po

21 Wiosny Ludów Street before and after

© ArchiBUNT Association

Remigiusz Jurek: Since we met in 2017 as an informal group archiBUNT (now an association), we have set as our goal to act for our city in many aspects - we educate young people through urban games and talks, organize exhibitions, surprise city residents with spatial installations, and consult on a landscape resolution.We started our activities by organizing exhibitions to show residents - what is good in urban space and architecture. However, this was not enough for us, because we always dreamed of going to the street with our activities, and as soon as the city announced a competition for the implementation of public tasks in the field of revitalization - we submitted our candidacy. The purpose of the competition was to organize a workshop on improving the aesthetics of visual identity (outdoor signs, signs, shop windows). Konrad proposed a name for the action "Signboard in Decha". It worked - resulting in completed signboards, in addition we persuaded the stakeholders of the action to change their shop windows and renew their facades.

ulica Wiosny Ludów 27 przed i po

27 Wiosny Ludów street before and after

© archiBUNT Association

Wiktor Bochenek
: Do you have ideas for continuing or expanding such activities?

Konrad Moszynski: Of course, we would like to continue and expand such activities to more streets, especially in the inner city, which among many ugly and shouting advertisements has lost a bit of its charm. The metamorphosis of a few premises is not yet an aesthetic revolution, but we hope that this drop will slowly begin to drill the rock and we will succeed in increasing the aesthetic awareness of residents and businesses. Much in this regard would change the city's landscape resolution, which, following the example of other cities, would regulate aesthetic chaos. Thus, everything is in the hands of the city authorities.

Remigiusz Jurek: Regarding signs - we are waiting for the next revitalization competition, which perhaps the city will announce again. If that happens, we will definitely take part in it. In addition, we have a lot of new ideas for the space of our city. There is still a lot to do here.

Wiktor: Thank you for the interview.

neon w centrum pościeli

neon bedding center

© ArchiBUNT Association

Wiktor Bochenek

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