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Poles have designed the world's first ethereal coffee capsule

09 of June '22

What else can we learn about coffee? Apparently, still a lot. An interesting project has been developed in Poland - an ethereal capsule for coffee tasting.

A visit to the ethereal capsule is primarily intended to be a moment of relaxation combined with coffee tasting. The designers, as well as the initiators, were primarily concerned with cutting off almost all the senses - except taste and smell. After entering the capsule, it is closed.

The capsule, with visible sharp edges, was attached by special cables to a platform and frame - allowing it to float in the air. This solution makes it possible to ensure mobility and transport the capsule to the places where it will be used.

Kapsuła eteryczna do degustacji kawy

The initiators of the project point to its pioneering nature

© Qethereal | Columbus Poland Company

The most important thing is the method of use. Inside, the user will be able to sample different types of brew in complete darkness, allowing him or her to focus only on aromas and taste. The whole experience will be complemented by the voice of a coffee presenter, who will tell what elements to pay attention to during the tasting. In this way, the capsule will take you on a real journey through the universe of coffee. The initiators of the project point to its pioneering nature - this is the world's first ethereal coffee tasting capsule.

Kapsuła eteryczna do degustacji kawy

The capsule is supposed to float on cables and completely isolate from reality

© Qethereal | Columbus Poland Company

I was very eager to take on the challenge of creating an ethereal capsule, especially since the device will be the first of its kind in the world. The capsule will combine what I value most - modern architectural solutions and coffee. The educational value of the project itself is also amazing, as it will create an opportunity to learn about the details of the brew that we are usually unable to see, and entering the capsule will be something magical, that I can be part of an international team realizing a project that goes beyond the previous barriers of imagination from the very beginning," says Piotr Stapf, who is the designer of the entire premise, organized by the Qethereal brand owned by Columbus Poland.

Kapsuła eteryczna do degustacji kawy

This solution is to allow better appreciation of the taste and aroma of coffee

© Qethereal | Columbus Polska company

a way to relax

The idea of creating an ethereal capsule may seem like a delicate extravagance, but it's hard not to appreciate the idea of creating an isolated space used only for tasting. In a world of non-stop influx of stimuli, failure to disconnect from the phone and a constant state of alertness, why not meditate a moment on the taste and smell of coffee?

Kapsuła eteryczna do degustacji kawy

ethereal coffee tasting capsule

© Qethereal | Columbus Poland Company

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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