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Can a neon sign tell a story? A unique project by Bartek Bojarczuk

08 of August '22

Can a neon sign tell a story of a trifle? The complex story designed by Bartek Bojarczuk in the form of seven sequences depicts the life cycle of a plant and alludes to a Jan Sztaudynger's epigram. We can see it in Lodz.

"Creativity of Time" is a neon sign designed by artist Bartek Bojarczuk(ILLCAT studio). It was officially unveiled on July 31 this year. The installation, measuring seven meters by three and a half meters, was located at 8 Żwirki St. The location refers to Jan Sztaudynger's place of residence. The poet lived in the building in 1945-1961, opposite which the neon sign is located today.

The project associated with Sztaudynger was created due to the 50th anniversary of the poet's death - 2 years ago. Unfortunately, due to the turmoil of the pandemic, it was only this year that it was realized. The Events Center of Lodz offered me to take part in these activities, and after learning about the works of the poet, I agreed, considering it an interesting idea," points out Bartek Bojarczuk, author of the project.

Bartek Bojarczuk - "The Creativity of Time" © Bartek Bojarczuk.

© Bartek Bojarczuk / Lodz Event Center

The neon sign literally retells Jan Sztaudynger's epigram. The text of the piece creates a literary bordering around the main performance. Sztaudynger's phrase is "Time creates us, time mills us, nothing strange about it, because time has time." The story told by the neon sign depicts seven sequences, during which a small flower grows from the ground and then breaks, highlighting the ephemeral nature of existence in the context of the passage of time.

Bartek Bojarczuk - "The Creativity of Time".

© Bartek Bojarczuk / Lodz Event Center

The phrase "The Creativity of Time," as one of the few in Jan Sztaudynger's oeuvre, is more reflective than humorous. It was this factor that prompted me to make an authorial, visual interpretation of this work. I wanted to add my creative element, while minimally interfering with the author's original work. Thus was born the idea of a loop that, like time, is infinite. Through a suitable typographical arrangement, the phrase has no beginning and no end - we can read it over and over again, in cycles. In the same way nature works, as well as our civilization - new generations come, old generations go. It depends only on us what we leave behind for posterity, when our generation gives way to the next, and time will be the judge of our actions. I hope that Sztaudynger's work placed in public space will make passersby reflect on this subject," says Bartek Bojarczuk about the project.

Bartek Bojarczuk - "Creativity of Time" © Bartek Bojarczuk.

© Bartek Bojarczuk / Lodz Event Center

"Creativity of Time" is the result of a project organized by the Lodz Event Center, under which the institution wants to present street art from a different perspective other than murals. This is the fourth neon installation organized by the Lodz Center for Events. However, the designer of "The Creativity of Time" hopes that more neon signs will be created - including in the Lodz district of Widzew, where a similar project was being worked on back in 2020.

Bartek Bojarczuk - „Twórczość czasu”

Bartek Bojarczuk - "Creativity of Time" © Bartek Bojarczuk.

© Bartek Bojarczuk / Lodz Event Center

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