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LIGHT in an apartment with vintage soul

14 of June '22
Technical data
Name: Apartment with vintage soul
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Wroclaw
Studio: JASNO
Architect: Angelika Fedorczuk
Photography: MIGDAŁ Studio
Area: 54 m²
Implementation: 2022

What happens when the owners of an apartment in developer condition, become people who love vintage style? Then an interior will be created that, despite its location in a new development, evokes the old times. We are talking about an apartment, located in one of the new housing estates in Wroclaw, whose owners had strongly specified design requirements, and for help in their implementation they approached Angelika Fedorczuk of JASNO studio.

Ściany zdobi pokaźna kolekcja obrazów i grafik

The walls are decorated with a sizeable collection of paintings and graphics

Photo: MIGDAŁ studio © JASNO

The Wrocław apartment of fifty-three square meters belongs to people who like old and unique objects, combining styles and eclecticism.

He, as they both laugh - an office worker, needed his place to work at home. She - in addition to a place to work, wanted a piece of space where she could pursue her passions - photography, collage making and candle casting - in peace. Both "pet-loving", they didn't want any natural skins or accessories in their interior, with which animals could suffer, especially since they themselves have a beloved dog Susie. Adoptee, who since the first days of the move has been a regular visitor to the maroon sofa standing in the central part of the living room," says designer Angelika Fedorczuk.

Mieszkanie w stylu vintage, rzut

vintage-style apartment, throw


open space

The architect designed the apartment's layout so that the bedroom and toilet were the only "separate" rooms in the apartment. On the other hand, the living room with the kitchen, dining room and study form one big space. The heart of the entire interior is the round table, created from an old wooden top resting on custom-made, intense blue legs. Above the table hangs a large round lamp. Immediately behind them stands Zuzi's favorite - a maroon sofa, which separates the dining and kitchen area from the living area.

This division of space suggests to us two zones - the kitchen zone and the rest zone and the work zone, but as a whole it gives us one open space to spend time together, the architect adds.

Mocnym akcentem w jadalni jest okrągły stół z niebieskimi nogami Mieszkanie w stylu vintage, detal płytek

Throughout the apartment, a play with detail and form is evident

photo: MIGDAŁ studio © JASNO

play with detail and form

A play with detail and form is evident throughout the apartment. Already at the very entrance, in the corridor, the designer used white and blue tiles, whose color refers to the details appearing throughout the apartment. There is also a pouffe with rounded shapes and an unusual mirror, which was designed specifically for this interior. The bedroom is entered through a "closet", in which a passage in the form of an arch is hidden. The bathroom is dominated by corsetry, which was the owner's dream, and an old chest of drawers scrounged at auctions, now converted into a cabinet for the sink. In the bedroom, a simple beige closet is decorated with a detail in the form of a vertical wooden strip and a round handle.

Zagłówek łóżka wykonany jest z rattanu

The bed headrest is made of rattan

Photo: MIGDAŁ studio © JASNO

In the kitchen, the author, instead of hanging cabinets above the countertop, used a strip of tiles, and covered the walls above them with decorative plaster in a warm shade. Thanks to this treatment, the lower cabinets with fronts made of vertical wooden slats do not overwhelm the whole. A collection of paintings, old mirrors, prints, and second-hand vases and dishes add character to the apartment.

Korytarz i wejście do sypialni Łazienka to zbiór różnych płytek

A characteristic element of the apartment are colorful tiles

photo: MIGDAŁ studio © JASNO

interview with Angelika Fedorczuk

Dobrawa Bies: Your projects are known for eclecticism and combining different styles. Earlier on the portal we presented an apartment located in one of Wrocław's "czworaczki" built in the 1960s. Now the situation is a bit reversed - in your new apartment you tried to introduce a vintage atmosphere. Where did you start your work?

Angelika Fedorczuk: I always start working on a project by studying the requirements and inspirations that the client sends me. In this case, the future tenants really wanted to live in a townhouse, but fate wanted otherwise. Nonetheless, they still wanted to keep the style of the old apartment, herds such as the stucco at the ceiling and the panels laid in herringbone. One of the clients' main wishes was to add as many so-called "second-hand" elements to the interior as possible, because the owners are big fans of vintage things. We searched for many elements together, but it was mainly their ability to snoop at flea markets and portals reselling old things that gave the place such a vibe.

Dobrawa: What guided you in the selection of items in the interior? Did the investors give any suggestions?

Angelika: Yes, the investors had a clear vision of the interior from the very beginning. Admittedly, I interpreted it a bit differently, but it turned out that they liked the idea right away. In fact, we only made minor cosmetic changes to the whole thing, which, thanks to the fantastic sense of the owner, only further enlivened the interior.

Bordowa kanapa znajduje się w centrum mieszkania Miejsce do pracy utrzymane jest w miętowym kolorze

The owners wanted to keep the style of the old apartment

Photo: MIGDAŁ studio © JASNO

Dobrawa: A sizable collection of graphics, paintings and reproductions on the walls draws attention. Can you tell a little about it?

Angelika: We wanted to create a place where there would be, as many memories as possible. I like how the interiors live together with the tenants. When each element makes the interior create a kind of gallery of experiences. That's also what I cared about here, to make the interior a background for the accessories. Walls full of paintings, or ceramic figurines, dried flowers, for me are like family albums. Privately myself, I am also a fan of such arranged spaces. I hang everything on the walls, from prints or paintings to hats or even individual books that have sentimental value for me.

Charakterystycznym elementem jest lustro w niebieskiej ramie Mieszkanie w stylu vintage, błękitny akcent

The mirror is an original design by the architect

photo: MIGDAŁ studio © JASNO

Dobrawa: What was the biggest challenge in this project, and what gave you the most satisfaction?

Angelika: The biggest challenge was composing old elements with contemporary ones, so that they nevertheless formed a coherent whole. However, I don't think this should have grown into a challenge. On the other hand, my greatest satisfaction came from designing the mirror, which is a cool touch in this house. Although I design personalized furniture in every interior I create, this was the first time I designed my own addition. The carpenter made it perfectly, and I'm really proud of him. I also like our joint idea - mine and the owner's for combining an old table top with newly designed table legs.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed: Dobrawa Bies

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