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The largest park in Warsaw will be built

10 of June '22

Golędzin Natural Park located in Praga North will be the capital's largest park. Stretching three kilometers in length, the area is a great place to observe nature and relax.

The Golędzinów park will be built on an area stretching along the Vistula River between the Gdański and Grota-Roweckiego br idges. It will occupy 65 hectares of green area bounded on the east by a dike and on the east by the Vistula escarpment with unique vegetation. The main entrance to the park will be the Stone Educational Pavilion designed by eM4 Pracownia Architektury Brataniec, to be completed in 2020. The design of the park itself is to be selected in an architectural competition. However, the landscape architects' momentum will be limited by the natural value, the preservation of which is the primary goal.

Pawilon Kamień

Educational Pavilion Stone

Photo: Rafał Motyl © Warsaw City Hall.

Warsaw will have a new park - Golędzin Natural Park. We are moving forward with arrangements and securing funds for investment preparation. An area of more than 90 soccer fields will be used to create a unique in the world, natural city park with a wonderful Vistula panorama and diverse vegetation. All this will be done with the greatest respect for nature, which is and will be the most important thing here.

Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of the city of Warsaw

competition this year

Pawilon Kamień

Educational Pavilion Stone

Photo: Marcin Czechowicz © Warsaw City Hall.

As announced by the Warsaw authorities, the competition for the park is to be announced later in 2022, based on the results of which a contractor for the design documentation will be selected. Then, after obtaining all agreements, construction work will begin. Their scope will include the construction of landscaping elements and the delineation of paths and walkways in the park.

wildness in the city

Nurogęsi w mieście

Nurogies in Warsaw

photo: Krzysztof Koper / ZZW

Golędzin is an ideal location for a natural park, due to its current qualities. Areas once stripped from nature are today regaining their former natural shape. Meadows located here are beginning to overgrow with riparian vegetation, and the cyclic flooding of the area with water during the Vistula floods increases the local biodiversity. The meadow vegetation is represented by a number of visually attractive flower species such as ragged primrose and yellow rutabaga, but it has also been diversified by useful plants that remained after the allotment gardens were removed. Fruit trees and perennials in bloom provide a benefit for insects, while fruits, i.e. apples, pears or nuts, in turn provide food for a wide variety of animals, including protected bird species.



Park area

photo ZZW

The planned Golędzin Natural Park is located on the border of the Natura 2000 Area of the Middle Vistula Valley and the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area.

Kacper Kępiński

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