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Lagom armchair - a novelty by Paged Meble

06 of February '20

The furniture, designed by Grzegorz Gancarczyk, is a combination of fine construction with a comfortable, upholstered seat. Lagom armchair was created for interiors decorated with an idea, and at the same time stylish and comfortable - interiors decorated "just right".

The structure of the latest armchair by Paged Meble is made of beech plywood, HDF board and beech or oak wood. The slender shape of the backrest and armrests harmonizes with the high, Scandinavian-inspired legs. Thanks to them, the furniture gains in lightness.

The word "lagom" from Swedish means "just right", "just right", "just enough". And it is a term that refers to living with a sense of balance. So the model name of Paged Meble's latest armchair is no accident.

Lagom armchair was designed precisely according to the Swedish philosophy of living "just right". - It is stylish enough, comfortable enough and expressive enough. That's why it will work well in both sophisticated and austere interiors and those cozy, warm - much more "homey".

The armchair is available in Paged Meble's contract offer.

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