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"Art in Poland 1945-2005". - A conversation between Andy Rottenberg and Prof. Maria Poprzęcka online!

19 of June '20

A meeting around Andy Rottenberg's latest book "Art in Poland 1945-2005" will be held today, hosted by art professor Maria Poprzêtska. The author takes a closer look at the last 60 years of Polish art and helps the reader understand new phenomena appearing in the works of contemporary artists. The meeting will be held online. Registration is required!

MOCAK and Stentor Publishing House would like to invite you to a meeting devoted to Andy Rottenberg 's book "Art in Poland 1945-2005", which will take place today at 6:00 pm in the audiovisual room of MOCAK(seating limit has been reached) and online. The conversation with the author will be moderated by art history professor Maria Poprzęcka.

During the meeting the book will be available for purchase at a promotional price.

As the number of people in the room is limited according to sanitary guidelines, those wishing to attend are invited to the MOCAKCafé, where the event will be streamed. Tickets for the meeting online on the ZOOM platform will be sold until 3pm today on the MOCAK website. The cost of admission is PLN 2.

"Art in Poland 1945-2005" is , as the author writes , a handy guide. Anda Rottenberg succinctly describes the art and artistic life of the last 60 years, and the whole is complemented by biographical notes of artists, critics, curators and organizers of artistic life who had a major impact on the history of Polish postwar art. Its line of development is described by the author not abstractly, but in connection with the reality of the past half-century. Above all, she shows the transformations in contemporary art and those artists who brought something new to it. Thanks to this book, currents, trends, prominent figures and alternative phenomena arrange themselves into a whole and form a logical sequence. Anda Rottenberg not only presents the history of contemporary art in Poland, but teaches how to look at it and helps to understand new artistic phenomena.

From the publisher's note

The need for a synthetic, competent and at the same time accessible outline of the history of art in Poland after 1945 is urgent. The misunderstanding, the sometimes exploding resentment of contemporary art, the media-blown "scandals" are largely rooted in ignorance of this art. [The text is written briskly, vividly, without a shadow of pseudo-critical jargon. The author does not hide her likes and dislikes, but also manages to objectively show the entire panorama of phenomena. The book is written with passion, but without ideological viciousness. Combined with the anticipated, very abundant illustrative material, it should become a basic, much-needed compendium of knowledge about art in Poland in the second half of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

From a review by Prof. Maria Poprzęcka

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