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Attention: change of plans! Gdynia Design Days online

28 of April '20

In the face of the pandemic, festival organizers faced a difficult choice: whether, and if so, when and in what form to organize the planned events. The Gdynia Design Days team prudently and responsibly approached the challenge and decided to redesign the festival and move it online.

During Gdynia Design Days, discussions are about design as a way of solving problems. Each year the organizers emphasize the role and responsibility of designers, the creative industry, business and local governments in the design of products, services and spaces. This year, they have also prepared valuable content and partnered with exceptional people to create a creative platform for the exchange of ideas. This year, however, we will all meet online.

We have created a unique edition of Gdynia Design Days for the crisis. Uncertainty and volatility forces us to focus on real values, which have a different face for everyone at the moment. As we all pause, let's try to remain attentive to other challenges that still need smart, functional and sustainable solutions. - write the organizers.

The motto of this unique edition of the festival is Attention. The virtual version of Gdynia Design Days will run from July 4 to 11 on the organizers' website. You are welcome!

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