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Black houses in Bory Tucholskie designed by 1504 architects

25 of August '20

Architects from 1504 architekci studio have created a design for two single-family houses in Kamierowskie Piece. The buildings, with a simple body and black, wood-framed, tan facade, refer to the pine forests and historical buildings of the Tuchola Forest area.

Surrounded by mixed forests and pine forests, two vacation homes are being built on a large 3,600-square-meter plot: a larger one, Type A, and a smaller one, Type B. The architects have placed them so that renters have, as much privacy as possible. The buildings are designed of masonry construction with reinforced concrete elements. Their functional layout was divided by the designers into a first floor with a living area and an attic with a private area with bedrooms.

Dom Typ B Budynek B

The facade of the houses is made of wood-fired

© 1504 architects

The façade is made of shou sugi ban (tan wood) along with boards stacked to create the effect of vertical balusters. This arrangement refers to the long trunks of pine trees that can be seen in the forests of Tuchola Forest and Kociewie. The form of the objects and the dark colors bring to mind the traditional architecture of the region.

Dobrawa Bies: What was the main inspiration for the project, what is the shape of the solids derived from?

Dawid Chojnacki: The inspiration came from the architecture of wooden cottages from the Tuchola Forest and Kociewie region and the historical use of wood in their construction.

Dom Typu A Dom Typu B

architects created the design of two houses for rent

© 1504 architekci

Dobrawa Bies: What was your priority in this project?

Dawid Chojnacki: The priority is always the mutual satisfaction of the client and ours, without question. We give from ourselves our concept, while the client puts his hard-earned money, often very big money, into a given investment. As always, we want to bring added value to the architecture, which will clearly tell, at least in part, the story of the neighborhood, while evolving the form in line with today's realities.

Przekrój budynku Elewacja budynku

The houses are divided into zones: a living area on the first floor and a private area in the attic

© 1504 architects

Dobrawa Bies: What were the expectations of the investors?

Dawid Chojnacki: The investors expected two buildings, one of which was actually going to be larger. They wanted the architecture of the buildings to allow for relatively inexpensive construction, but for the buildings to stand out in a subtle way against new developments in the area and this type of development in the country. Ultimately, they aim to be homes for vacation rentals.

Dobrawa Bies: What caused the greatest design difficulties, and what are you most satisfied with?

Dawid Chojnacki: The buildings have a simple structure. However, the solutions for the roof and parts of the facade are non-standard. We hope that the construction team, when finishing the facade, will try to make sure that all elements are done according to the design. Our head in this, so that it will be successful.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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