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Cosentino's spectacular booth at Warsaw Home 2021

31 of October '21

One of the most visited, photographed and commented booths at the just-concluded Warsaw Home fair was the work of Szymon Hanczar for Cosentino. The well-known designer took us on a walk along the trail of Spanish museums, streets and parks, showing Cosentino's materials in a completely new design, inspired by the work of Antonio Gaudi, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. The exhibition space featured eye-catching distinctive totems, hiding the history of each brand and the portfolio of available designs.

Stoisko Cosentino na
Warsaw Home 2021

Cosentino's booth at Warsaw Home 2021

photo: Celestyna Król

The Cosentinobooth, a global company and leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, played a significant role during Warsaw Home & Contract, the most important event in the Polish design calendar, gathering hundreds of Cosentino designers, architects, business partners and clients from all over Europe. In addition to the opportunity to see the new designs developed for the Dekton, Silestone and Sensa brands, Cosentino also hosted a dynamic calendar of events aimed at fair visitors. The lectures and special events held at the booth were attended by renowned architects, designers, bloggers, journalists and art promoters.

Goście na stoisku

Cosentino's booth guests

© Cosentino

On the first day it was possible to meet and talk with the author of the booth concept - Szymon Hanczar. The next day was devoted to the inauguration of Cosentino's cooperation with OW SARP, the challenges of contemporary perception of ecology and the future of architecture. The panel included Marta Sekulska-Wronska, President of OW SARP, Piotr Jurkiewicz, Vice President for Climate Crisis Architecture of OW SARP, Grzegorz Goworek, co-owner of Studio O. and Michal Bachowski, representing the Noizz portal.

We can't make a setback by living in the woods, but we can move forward in a sensible way," said Ewa Trzcionka, who led the meeting.
The key to responsible architecture is the longevity of what we will produce, the use of materials already made and production in accordance with the principles of a closed-loop economy," Piotr Jurkiewicz echoed her, referring, among other things, to the sustainable production of Cosentino materials.

A panel discussion was held on October 29 with Anna Olga Chmielewska and Jola Skóra of Jam Kolektyw, Aleksander Jankowski of JIO Jankowski Opyrchał, Maria Miland of Art in Architecture Festival, and Aneta Konowrocka, Marketing Manager of Cosentino.

Goście stoiska

Cosentino's booth guests

© Cosentino

The panel, on the value of art in interior design, was moderated by journalist and art historian Ewa Mierzejewska. During the discussion, reference was made to the third edition of the Art in Architecture Festival, patronized by Cosentino. The festival, by promoting the wider use of art in private space, public space and commercial buildings, encourages investors, architects and interior designers to collaborate with artists.

During the four intensive days of Warsaw Home&Contract 2021, hundreds of conversations at the Cosentino booth proved that innovative Silestone, Dekton and Sensa surfaces, with environmentally friendly production technology, are gaining popularity, becoming the greatest allies of architects, designers, kitchen showrooms and stone companies. The artistic atmosphere of the booth, the substantive discussions on sustainable architecture and art, the timeless beauty and authenticity of the presented materials are the reasons why Cosentino's exposition won the hearts and imagination of the fair's visitors.

Although this year's edition of Warsaw Home is behind us, the excitement of the fair has not yet subsided. Until November 7, you can still take part in the contest for the most creative photo of the Spanish stand. Photos should be posted on your social media profile, along with the profile tag @CosentinoPoland and the hashtag #Cosentino_WH2021. On November 8, three winners will be selected via Cosentino's social media. The main prize, sponsored jointly with, is a Glossy Nordlux lamp, awarded this year with a Red Dot statuette. More on the Cosentino website.

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