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Breath for architecture - against aesthetic degradation

08 of January '20

Until the end of January you can see a peculiar symbiosis of art and technology, which the Uniwersal company from Katowice - a well-known manufacturer of fans and gravity ventilators - has decided to present in a rather special way at the Municipal Cultural Center "Centrum" in Zawiercie.

Different from the fair, where only technical products are presented. The invited guests were able to see multidisciplinary works - painting, drawing, graphic design - which are intertwined with technology in the company's daily life, new ideas, prototypes and finished devices that have been on sale for years and constitute Uniwersal's technical offer.

Ms. Anna Pawlik-Gonera, marketing and image specialist, and Mr. Krzysztof Nowak, vice-president of Uniwersal's board of directors, together with their guests over piano music and a glass of wine, had a pleasant time getting acquainted with the exposition and the technical side of the exhibits-fans presented.

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