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Twist instead of pressing

08 of January '20

WC actuating buttons usually work by pressing, touching or approaching the hand. Viega, known for its innovative solutions in the field of concealed systems, has come up with a completely new approach to this topic. The Visign for More 202 replaces the classic button with a striking-looking knob. As a result, it becomes an interesting stylistic accent, which fits perfectly, for example, in elegant guest bathrooms.

In the design process for its actuating buttons, Viega relies on the creativity and competence of the renowned ARTEFAKT design studio from Darmstadt. Current design trends are still dominated by organic yet minimalist forms that refer to the 1970s. The Visign for More 202 button combines this charming design with cutting-edge technology, offering a completely different perspective on toilet design.

A new way of thinking

Visign for More 202 is a true revolution in toilet flush activation, by replacing the typical button with an innovative knob. An electronic system located under the knob transmits a signal to a mechanism located in the cistern thus activating the flush.

The design of Viega's new product combines purist forms with organic elements. Resembling a sculpture, the ergonomic knob "grows" from the simple base of the button. With its installation almost flush with the surface of the tiles, as seen in the sample photos, Visign for More 202 blends harmoniously into the wall, giving the impression of carefully designed architecture.

Visign for More 202 is designed to be installed with the new Viega Prevista concealed system. The system is distinguished by an integrated cistern that can be combined with all buttons from the extensive Visign range. This allows users to easily change the design or color of the button if needed, without interfering with the flush mechanism. Visign for More 202 is available in chrome, white, white/chrome, gold-plated, and a variety of special colors upon request.

Atmospheric LED lighting

When designing a bathroom, it is also worth keeping in mind the issue of appropriate lighting. In this regard, too, Viega's concealed systems have much to offer. Selected models from the Visign series are equipped with high-quality LEDs, which serve both a practical function, making it easier to orient oneself in the dark, and an aesthetic one - creating atmospheric lighting of the interior. These products can be harmoniously integrated with the main lighting, giving the bathroom a unique character.

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