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Brick in the apartment - the most interesting inspirations

16 of April '20

The brick craze has taken hold of many. Some are taking great care to brick the walls from scratch, while others are ripping off the plaster covering them to get to the "red gold." Still others paint the cubes in different colors to match their interior.

Classic red, universal white, or maybe beige with subtle rubbing? The brick wall takes on different faces and is a real decoration of our interiors. In love with its aesthetic qualities, we sometimes forget about other aspects that can affect its use in different rooms of our house. A brick wall can be enjoyed today not only by people living in tenements. Whether you live in new construction, a single-family house or a block of flats, you can invite brick into your interior. However, there are a few aspects you should keep in mind before buying.

Before you choose a brick

Bricks weigh a lot, so you need to make sure that the ceiling in your home can withstand such a load. Laying the material on the wall will require a lot of precision and labor. Each brick is unique (which, in the case of installation, can be seen as both a disadvantage and an advantage), making it necessary to properly plan its distribution on the wall, cut and lay cube by cube. Once the labor-intensive installation is behind us, we need to remember about regular care and proper impregnation.

Cegła w mieszkaniu

Brick in an apartment

© Vilo

An alternative to brick

However, we can achieve the effect of a brick wall by using another material that will not require so much effort in installation and care. Motivo decorative wall is available in many brick patterns - starting with traditional red, through universal white, to grays and beiges. Installation is very simple, there is no need to prepare the substrate in a special way, and the wall is installed with glue. Its care takes a while, just wipe it with a damp cloth. The decorative wall is waterproof, so it can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms. Motivo's collections also include designs that will fit a living room or a child's room. They are available in home improvement stores nationwide, and we can order many of them online, according to #zostanwdomu.

Universal white in the kitchen

A brick wall in traditional red can make a kitchen seem small and dreary. A white Loft Brick pattern will work better in the kitchen, brightening up the interior and matching cabinets of any color. If you want to place Motivo above the countertop, between the lower and upper cabinets, be sure not to use it directly near heat sources. In such a place, you can protect the wall with glass - either transparent or in a shade that matches the brick pattern. Motivo decorative wall is waterproof, and you can spend the time you save on cleaning it for your kitchen experiments.

Traditional red makes its way into living rooms

A red brick wall will add character to any interior. It will go well with white furniture, light-colored floors and walls. The decorative Red Brick pattern will look great on the wall behind the TV or behind the bed. For the more daring we recommend Fun Brick which is a composition of bricks in different sizes and shades of brown and red. Guests will be amazed by it as soon as they enter your home.

Cegła w mieszkaniu

Brick in the apartment

© Vilo

Gray with a touch of boldness

Fans of gray will also find something for themselves in Motivo's decorative wall collections. Street Brick with rubbed bricks will look good in the living room. It will add a slightly austere character to the interior, which will be warmed up with a soft rug or the presence of favorite plants. Ornament Brick, on the other hand, is a decorative version of a gray wall interspersed with decorative swirls. As a complement to the arrangement of the room, textiles with similar patterns will work great.

Home SPA

Browns and beiges warm up the interior and introduce a cozy atmosphere. So they will work well in the bathroom, where we can create a substitute for a home spa. Traditional brick is badly affected by contact with water, so it should not be installed near the shower or sink. It is completely different in the case of Motivo wall - keeping in mind the appropriate waterproofing, we can install it in areas exposed to moisture, and if we decide on the Rusty Brick pattern, we will bring an idyllic atmosphere to the bathroom.

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illustrations courtesy of Vilo

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