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BUDMA - a place (not only) for architects

20 of January '20

There is a reason why BUDMA is a trade fair for construction and architecture - inseparable. These professions intermingle, inspire each other and the development of one determines the progress of the other. Bold, innovative projects must be met by construction techniques and technologies, all subordinated to the requirements of the present day. At the next BUDMA, February 4-7, 2020, there will be no shortage of presentations of the latest solutions, projects, as well as reflections on the role and challenges of architecture.

At the Poznań International Fair, one of the most distinctive buildings - the fair's Spire - has been reserved for architecture. It is there that the two-day D&A Design and Architecture Forum will be held, dedicated to architecture with consideration of the social and environmental context. It will be discussed by architects and designers, as well as sociologists, social activists, journalists and local government officials. The event is organized with the substantive support of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, under the honorary patronage of the Association of Polish Architects. National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Martin Arfalk

Program of the D&A Forum

How to talk and build in order to interest the wider public in architecture? Does accessible housing have to be inferior? How to change thinking about accessible construction to help cities develop? Participants of the D&A Design and Architecture Forum, organized on February 5 and 6, 2020, will try to answer these questions. Among distinguished experts, sociologists researchers, urban planners and architecture practitioners, there will also be foreign guests who will present solutions for sustainable architecture, created with social and natural considerations from around the world. Ekim Tan, founder of Play the City, an architect, who since 2008 has been developing a game-based urban design model through which the needs of different stakeholder groups can be identified; Martin Arfalk, founder of Mandaworks, which carries out interesting urban design projects around the world; and Kasper Benjamin Reimer, head of innovation at EFFEKT architects, which researches and designs new solutions for cities based on an understanding of social needs.

Kasper Benjamin Reimer

Architecture, where are you going?

Debates are important elements of the D&A Forum program. Bogna Świątkowska of the Bęc Zmiana Foundation will invite to a discussion on "Architecture to Pleasure". - challenges, expectations and threats it brings.

We are used to analyzing public spaces through the prism of convenience and pleasure. Meanwhile, the reduction associated with frugality or responsible management of resources, is not necessarily subordinated to these aspects. So does sustainable architecture have to be associated with a lack of comfort? What are the challenges of designing a new type? - will ask her guests Bogna Świątkowska on the first day of the Forum.

On the second day, Jakub Glaz will initiate a conversation on "Accessible Architecture," which he will continue with Małgorzata Tomczak, chief of Architecture and Business, in another debate focused on the changes taking place in the perception and construction of cities, "Open City, Friendly City."

The idea of inclusive and non-exclusionary design, accessibility to green areas, recreation, education and health services is a task for local governments, but also for architects and urban planners. What direction should urban development take? How to build urban strategies so that in the future our cities can be friendly and open environments for living? - will be given by the A&B editorial team.

Workshop "Architecture for pleasure"

A new feature of the D&A Forum will be a workshop for architecture and social science students, young designers and academics, who will take up the challenge together: how to design to create vitality in public spaces through pleasure. They will be conducted by Maciej Frąckowiak, a sociologist and lecturer at the School of Form, together with architects and urban planners from Atelier Starzak Strębicki - Jola Starzak and Dawid Strębicki. Registration for the workshop is open until January 31, 2020.
The forum will conclude with a film screening co-organized by (06.02.2020, 5.30 pm) . The award-winning documentary film "Moriyama - SAM" will be presented for the first time in Poland, and the screening will be followed by a debate on architecture and the artistic view of the film with Prof. Ewa Rewers of UAM and Mikołaj Stępień of NMS Architects.

Awards and presentations

At BUDMA, architecture will also be explored through the Architecture Budma Award Competition and the 1m/ARCH project. The ABA Award will go to the designer whose talent, creativity, as well as commitment and knowledge contributed to the outstanding building realized in Poland in 2017-2019, while the 1m/ARCH presentation is an overview of the latest achievements of architectural studios, which display a showcase of their capabilities on the space of 1 m2, i.e. in a very condensed way, which is also an invitation to business contact. Awards will also be given to the winners of the Architectural Sketches Competition and the IARP Fair Stand Competition. The most interesting works will also be displayed in the Spire space.



  • BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair / FEBRUARY 4-7, 2020 /
  • D&A Design and Architecture Forum / February 5-6, 2020 /

Participation in the Forum is free of charge. Registration is required.


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  • Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland

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  • National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning,
  • Association of Polish Architects

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