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UW building in Powisle completed after a decade

Kacper Kępiński
11 of February '22

More than a decade after construction of the building for the departments of Applied Linguistics and Neophilology began , its final phase has been completed. Classes in the building are scheduled to begin in the new academic year.

Wizualizacja Dobra 55

Visualization of the edifice / 1st stage

Photo: Kurylowicz & Associates / UW, Tadeusz Rudzki / Wikimedia Commons

Construction of the building, designed by the Kurylowicz & Associates studio, began in 2011. The first to be built was the part located on the side of the Warsaw University Library, which was completed in 2014. Only five years later construction began on the second, much larger part on the side of Browarna Street, which has just been put into use. Relative to the competition, some of the functional solutions were changed. The original aesthetics were retained - glass in shades of green filling the double façade from Lipowa Street and the tin cladding from Vistula Street. And while these aesthetics may seem outdated today - it is good that the visual coherence of the building has been preserved.

garden on the roof

II etap

Photo: M. Kazmierczak / UW

The expanded facility is planned to include: 92 teaching rooms, 70 administrative rooms, 39 scientific research rooms, 7 conference rooms, as well as leisure spaces for students, social rooms for employees, library rooms and a multimedia room that can accommodate more than 150 people. A garden was designed on the roof, overlooking the panorama of left bank Warsaw. An underground garage has been located under the building.

II etap

Photo: M. Kazmierczak / UW

The edifice will be used on a daily basis by students, doctoral students and employees of the Faculties of Applied Linguistics and Neophilology, the Center for American Studies at the UW, as well as other teaching units as part of university-wide spaces.

long-term plans

The research and teaching building at 55 Good Street is the largest investment of the multi-year program to date in terms of space and financial outlay. It uses modern green building solutions. In addition to teaching spaces, the building will also house library, administrative, social, catering and technical space. What is extremely important for us, as every new building that is being constructed at our university, this one will also be adapted to the needs of people with motor, hearing and visual disabilities.

Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, rector of the University of Warsaw.

II etap II

Photo: M. Kazmierczak / UW

Completion of the edifice is one of 16 investments in the University's multi-year, comprehensive investment plan program. It includes the construction of student dormitories and the expansion of the Ochota campus.

Kacper Kępiński

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