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Environmental Education Center is being built in Młociński Forest

05 of May '23

The wooden forester's lodge is undergoing major renovation, and a new teaching pavilion is being built next door. Together they will form the Center for Ecological Education of the Warsaw City Forests.

The complex is being built right next to the Młociński Forest at 1/3 Papirus St. The investment is intended to expand the existing teaching base of the forests with a new Center for Ecological Education (CEE) and a renovated nearby forester's lodge. Currently, the city unit conducts educational activities using the Center for Nature and Forestry Education located on the edge of the Kabaty Forest Nature Reserve. The cost of building the new facility is PLN 17.1 million.

Przebudowa leśniczówki

reconstruction of the forester's lodge

photo by A. Choińska-Ostrowska / UM Warszawa

The new educational pavilion is expected to be ready by 2023 - its first elements can already be seen on the construction site. Work is much more advanced on the renovation of the forester's lodge, entered in the municipal register of monuments. The wooden structure of the building is being restored. The basement has been dried and insulated, and the exterior walls and two brick chimneys are ready. The ceiling is currently under construction, and installation of the roof trusses will begin soon. After the renovation, the building will be used for café activities, and will host, among other things, vernissages, art exhibitions and meetings with authors.

I am glad that Varsovians will gain another place for environmental education in the city. And this in a location where nature is literally at your fingertips. In the future, the facility in Młociny will benefit not only schoolchildren and preschoolers, but it will be a place for entire families," said Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw.

Wizualizacja pawilonu CEE

Visualization of the CEE pavilion

© UM Warsaw

Among other things, a multifunctional conference and workshop room, educational rooms, offices, changing rooms and sanitary facilities are planned in the newly built facility. Like the renovated forester's lodge, the pavilion will also be built with a wooden structure. However, modular technology will be used here. Heat pumps powered by photovoltaic electricity will be used to heat the building. A green roof is also planned for the building.

Thanks to the investment, Varsovians will gain another place on the city map where they will expand their knowledge of ecology. We estimate that up to 25,000 people will be able to use this modern facility annually," explains Michal Olszewski, deputy mayor of Warsaw.

A publicly accessible public space is to be located between the buildings. Existing greenery will be maintained, additional plants, paths, benches and trash cans will appear. A rain garden is also planned.

Budowa pawilonu

construction of the pavilion

photo by A. Choińska-Ostrowska / UM Warszawa

Unfortunately, the ongoing project was not selected through an architectural competition. Both design and construction work is being carried out by a consortium of companies: MODANTA, Cora New and P.B.E. "ELBUD" Gdansk.

Kacper Kępiński

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