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Cersanit Dream Team - creativity and passion for ceramic tile design

24 of February '21

Because the secret to a successful brand is... people.

Modern collections of ceramic tiles by Cersanit and Opoczno could not have been created without the collective commitment of all employees involved in the design, production and sales process. They identify with the company and, guided by their own ambitions, give their best to create products that they themselves would be proud of.
Cersanit SA's ceramic tile division is the team responsible for Product Marketing and marketing communications. This team is the best example of how much a close-knit group of people full of creativity, enthusiasm and good energy can bring to a company.

Creativity, or when work is your hobby

The success of the Cersanit and Opoczno brands is earned every day by people who have devoted themselves to their passion for creation, jointly setting directions in both the best quality and design to meet the expectations of every customer. By translating their creativity into innovative concepts, they enhance the company's reputation and build its position in the market. Without them, this journey would not be possible. The team responsible for the ceramic tile division at Cersanit SA is one of the teams that have set as their goal the creation of the most unconventional products that will transform any interior, as well as their active communication.

The team creating ceramic tile collections for the Cersanit and Opoczno brands is characterized by a creative and innovative approach to each task and a level of motivation and commitment to the project. They are extremely creative and enthusiastic people. Everyone brings something completely new to the team dynamic, making it extremely easy to work together. I am incredibly proud that we can constantly inspire each other, discovering something new every day. It's important to remember that the story of any company is the story of the people who create it," says Agnieszka Zapolska, Product & Marketing Communication Director.

Passion to create...

The strength of the team in charge of Product Marketing and Marketing Communication for Cersanit and Opoczno ceramic tiles is the constant passion for creation and endless layers of ideas, as well as many years of experience making the product that reaches the customer at the highest level. When developing an idea and then communicating it, the entire team meets the latest trends. It is thanks to this that the most popular collections of Cersanit and Opoczno ceramic tiles of recent years were created.

...with the customer in mind

Each successive concept is aimed at the modern, demanding consumer and pleases the eyes of fans of timeless design. The final result is always filled with extraordinary energy coming from the people who co-create the team. It is they who, every day, building creative excellence together, stand behind a variety of technologically advanced tiles bringing them to absolute perfection allowing to create a unique interior design that will please for years to come.

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