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Cinema on the go - an expedition in the footsteps of cinemas in the Zodiac!

07 of July '20

The exhibition "Cross section of cinema!" at the Zodiac Warsaw Architecture Pavilion is closing. On this occasion there will be a farewell meeting with Ewa Cieniak and Maciej Gil, who will take us on a journey through cinemas. Since not all of our favorite cinema halls have reopened and we're still waiting to sink into a seat in the dark, it's worth a little reminiscing!

Summer is in full swing. Admittedly, sometimes the rain capriciously floods us, but when the sun comes out from behind the clouds we are reluctant to hide in buildings, and therefore in movie theaters. On the other hand, not all our favorite cinema halls have come back to life. So how do we reconcile the vacation mood and this great longing for our favorite cinemas that we haven't been to in so long? We have a solution for that! Together we will go on a memorial journey through towns large and small, leaving Warsaw to reminisce about trips during which we searched for those small, often forgotten, hidden and perhaps even non-existent places where the hum and clatter of the projector was once heard.

Ewa Cieniak and Maciej Gil will talk about their memories of the cinematic expeditions. And then? I think it's clear! We will all go on a well-deserved vacation!

Ewa Cieniak - co-author of the TU BYŁO KINO project, within the framework of which several hundred cinemas throughout Poland were documented. The project included the publication of a photo album, preparation of an exhibition and a website dedicated to the project. In 2009, the project received the PFI award in the "National Film Event" category.

Maciej Gil - animator of film culture and researcher of its history. On a daily basis associated with the Cracow-based Foundation for the Support of Film Culture Cyrk Edison. Originator, author of routes and pilot of, i.e. tours around selected regions of Poland in the footsteps of existing and non-existing cinemas. We have been going this way since 2015. In 2018, the project received the PISF Award in the "Film Event" category.

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