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Social design the slogan of the 7th edition of Poznań Design Festival

01 of July '20

This year's seventh edition of Poznań Design Festival is scheduled for autumn (from September 25 to October 3). The theme of the event will be "Social Design," which focuses on creative solutions to often complex problems, but always with great sensitivity to the social context. In such an understanding of design, the event organizers write, ecological and economic responsibility is important, as well as the pursuit of positive change - improving people's quality of life.

The Covid-19 epidemic has undoubtedly affected our lives, our work, and has also changed the way we think about public space. Squares, parks, streets, offices, courtyards are no longer meant not only to promote human interaction, but also to provide distance or guarantee access to clean air. Doorknobs, pens, keyboards and hundreds of objects that we unknowingly touched every day have suddenly become potential viral threats that we combat by wearing gloves, masks and disinfecting our hands with chemicals.

However, this does not mean that previously known problems have ceased to exist. They are climate change, the increasing urbanization of the world, the aging of entire populations, access to elementary goods and services, and the scourge of loneliness. All these issues will also be the theme of this year's "Poznań Design Festival," which will be held for the seventh time, saysżelika Jablonska, director of the festival.

coverage of Poznan Design Festival 2018

Due to the prevailing situation, the organizers have decided to postpone the festival to autumn with the hope that the restrictions related to the epidemic condition will not be exacerbated again and the planned exhibitions will be able to take place, ensuring a lively and safe contact with the presented objects. The exhibitions will be accompanied by online presentations, and meetings, discussions and lectures will be streamed online and recorded. Complementing the program will be workshops and film screenings, prepared in cooperation with the Short Waves Festival.

As announced by the organizers, extensive multimedia documentation is also planned to ensure access to festival materials in the future, and thanks to the event's public funding from the City of Poznań budget, admission to most events will be free, although prior registration will be required for some, due to organizational reasons and the desire to ensure the comfort and safety of both participants and presenters.

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