II Prize — Adrian Matuszewski, supervisor: Dr. Bartosz Dendura

II Prize

Second Prize
thousand zlotys and 2 thousand zlotys for the promoter

Adrian Matuszewski

"The spiral - design of multifunctional building with hotel part".

Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology.

Dr. Bartosz Dendura

jury's opinion

The award was given for an interesting and seemingly apt dialogue between the revitalization of a forgotten place and an attempt to inscribe a new function of a historic building with a contemporary architectural language. The value of the proposed solution is the adoption of the ascetic principle of building the functional fabric based on the symbolism of the ancient Celts. The interpenetration of various spatial forms should be considered an undeniable value of the work. Consistently and interestingly guided by the Author, the graphic narration of the work, fully conveying the austerity of the place.

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