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Vertua® CEMEX low-emission concrete on the construction site of the LPP Fashion Lab campus

23 of January '23

CEMEX Poland is supplying Vertua® low-emission concrete for the construction of the "Silk" office building in Gdansk, owned by Polish clothing manufacturer LPP. The building will be part of the LPP Fashion Lab office complex. The project was prepared by JEMS Architekci studio. Makax Sp. z o.o. is the general contractor for the construction work. The investment is being carried out under the Construction Management system.

The "Silk" office building is the next stage of a campus under construction in the Lower Town in Gdansk, which will eventually include five buildings.

The investor's main idea is to create a building that will meet the requirements of sustainable construction, hence the decision to implement more environmentally friendly solutions in the office building. One of the elements of this concept was the use of low-emission concrete from the Vertua® line of CEMEX products for construction, which will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the entire investment. In total, more than 4,000 m³ of this product will be used in the construction of the facility, of which 3,600 m³ will be used for façade elements and interior finishes made with architectural concrete technology.

Vertua® concretes are characterized not only by low emissivity, but also by excellent quality. These are products that allow you to carry out investments in a more environmentally friendly way, while maintaining optimal technical parameters. Each Vertua® product has an Environmental Product Declaration III type EPD, which is an unequivocal confirmation of the low emissivity of our concrete.

I am convinced that users of the office building and residents of Gdansk will also appreciate its aesthetic qualities," says Piotr Cencek, Product Manager at CEMEX Poland.

The concept of creating an eco-friendly office building complex was created in 2015, along with the modernization of the headquarters of a Polish clothing manufacturer. The investor's main idea was to create a complex that would relate to the industrial traditions of the Lower City, while responding to current climate challenges.

budowa biurowca „Silk” w Gdańsku

Construction of the "Silk" office building in Gdansk


We are committed to consistently implementing the provisions of our sustainable development strategy "For People For Our Planet," in which we have identified our most urgent environmental goals. One of them is to gradually reduce our carbon footprint. Given our infrastructure resources, including our extensive distribution network and numerous office facilities, we have decided to make specific commitments in this regard as well. We are committed to ensuring that newly constructed LPP buildings are certified as sustainable. Thechoice of low-emission concrete, Vertua®, was therefore not a coincidence," explains Weronika Jaszczerska, construction project specialist at LPP.

Thanks to the ongoing investment, the frontage of Łąkowa Street will be completed. In this way, the project will contribute to recreating the industrial character of the pre-war buildings of the Lower Town. The raw concrete and glazing on large areas of the facade will fit in with the industrial style of the buildings under construction.

The general contractor for reinforced concrete works, Makax Sp z o.o., ensures the highest quality of the elements designed in the architectural concrete system. Maintaining care and precision in the works, it meets the investor's highest demands.

Completion of the entire investment is expected in 2027.

CEMEX for the climate

Vertua® concretes are part of CEMEX's portfolio of products dedicated to sustainable construction. In addition to low-emission concrete products, bulk and bagged cements and admixtures from the Vertua® line are now available in Poland.

Expanding the product portfolio with new low-carbon solutions is part of CEMEX's global strategy entitled. "Future in Action." The goal of the aforementioned strategy is to combat climate change by, among other things, reducing carbon dioxide emissions at the company's production facilities.

By 2050, CEMEX aims to supply all customers worldwide with zero netCO2 emissions concrete.

For more information, visit the company's CEMEX Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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