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A cozy place full of natural light

23 of January '23

The attic of a 1980s single-family home has gained a modern look and additional space. Thanks to the use of the FAKRO EDT dormer, its residents can today enjoy a beautiful view of the Amsterdam polder and enjoy plenty of natural light. The building is located in a row of similar houses, in the town of Zaandam (near Amsterdam).

Beautiful view of Amsterdam

Last year we bought a house built in the 1980s. We both love DIY and thought that giving it a more contemporary feel would be a good challenge. When our son was born, we decided to make the attic a real "mom and dad" paradise. The first thing we did was to replace the old dormer with a modern version so we could finally enjoy the view of the Amsterdam polder," says the homeowner.

nowoczesna lukarna FAKRO EDT

FAKRO EDT modern dormer


The FAKRO dormer provides additional daylight, space and a beautiful view of the Amsterdam pol der, the homeowner comments.

Additional light and space

The new dormer makes a huge difference. A series of skylight windows brings a lot of additional light into the interior from different angles. As a result, the attic room appears more spacious. To enjoy the view even more, we decided to add three tilt-and-turn windows in the lower row of the dormer. When opening a window, we usually leave it in the tilted position. This gives us a clear view of the outside and we can even stand under the window," the owner adds.

nowoczesna lukarna FAKRO EDT

FAKRO EDT modern dormer window



  • Building name: Single-family house
  • Location: Zaandam, The Netherlands
  • FAKRO products used
    - EDT-W B3/2 prefabricated dormer:
    Pivot window: 3x FTU-V U3 (top)
    Tilt-turn window: 3x FPU-V U3 preSelect (bottom)
    - Internal roller shutter:
    Pleated blind: 6x APF (601)

For more information, visit the company's FAKRO Sp. z o.o page on the A&B portal.

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