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Spinning Mill Cultural Center in Zyrardow

17 of July '20

Bartosz Lysikowski of Warsaw University of Technology has designed the new Przędzalnia Cultural Center in Zyrardow. The building, which is part of the historic part of the city, is an engineering diploma made under the direction of Piotr Bujnowski.

The diploma project of the Przędzalnia Cultural Center in Zyrardow is a combination of knowledge about the formation of architecture and urban planning of the city with the author's thoughts on the problems of the space of Polish post-industrial cities. Such an example is Zyrardow - a city created with the aim of providing the best possible conditions for its residents - the employees of the factory of the Spinning Mill.

CK Żyrardów wejście

The new Cultural Center in Zyrardow

© Bartosz Łysikowski

Zyrardow urban planning

How Bartosz Lysikowski talks about the urban planning of Zyrardow:

The oldest of today's living residents recall with nostalgia objects such as defunct cinemas, concert shells, parks or functions of former factory buildings. It seems that it was this social aspect that allowed the beating heart of the city and the space-defining character of the historic urban fabric to be rebuilt several times, despite the great destruction. Today, Zyrardow definitely deviates in its development and functional and spatial program from the original foundation. The changes made in recent years, among which the most important is the revitalization of the space of the historic area of the Linen Works, bring a completely new quality to the urban space. However, among all the ideas about the functioning of the city, the cultural character, which was one of the most important spheres of life for the former residents of Zyrardow, has been lost the most.

Elewacja CK
w Żyrardowie

The building is adjacent to the New Spinning Mill building

© Bartosz Łysikowski

new building in historic surroundings

The analyses carried out allowed Bartosz Lysikowski to choose the oldest part of the city as the site for the new cultural object. The current gaps in the historic structure of the former factory, provide an opportunity for a public building there that would be an attractive architectural and functional addition to Zyrardow. The selected plot is located on the axis of the former entrance gate of the Linen Works. Situated in the central point of the historical establishment, the site is adjacent to warehouse buildings and the tallest building in Zyrardow - the New Spinning Mill.

Makieta CK w Żyrardowie Makieta CK w Żyrardowie

A model of the city's fabric shows how important the building of the new Cultural Center is to the whole of Zyrardow

© Bartosz Łysikowski

The author's main assumption was to create an object that would fit into the urban tissue of Zyrardow, while at the same time differing from the classically understood house of culture. As a prototype for functional solutions, Bartosz Lysikowski adopted a theater function. The building was designed as a Cultural Center facility with full theatrical facilities, which allows independent and complete preparation and staging of performances. The auditorium is a simple hall volume, the plan of which allows for any interior arrangement. To the volume created in this way, the author added further elements intended for service functions and viewing terraces.

Foyer Centrum Kultury
w Żyrardowie

foyer area with representative staircase

© Bartosz Łysikowski

cultural center and theater

The main auditorium, thanks to the glazing used on three sides, allows one to see the former red brick buildings and the omnipresent greenery. Transparency of the building at the height of two floors is possible when no performance is taking place. The building has been clearly divided into two main parts - for employees and visitors. The staff space has been divided between the floors of the second opaque part of the building in such a way as to ensure the best possible communication. The guest foyer is the second most important space of the building. The clear area, connected by a representative fan stair structure, has been functionally divided into five floors, which can be used by audiences during breaks.

przekrój części usługowej

five floors of the building

© Bartosz Łysikowski

Brick facade and reference to old architecture

By introducing correlating materials and rhythm, Bartosz Lysikowski alluded to the existing architecture. The fac ade bricks and black and white plaster are directly reflected in the adapted architecture of the neighboring New Spinning Mill building. The facade bricks are arranged in two threads - Slavic in the foyer area and trolley-like on the other facades. The projected building at 7 Nowy Świat St. fits in with the surroundings of the former Rope Works, and being at the center of the development, it is the focal point of all cultural activities in the city.

While working on the project, Bartosz Lysikowski consulted on urban planning with Dr. Agnieszka Wośko-Czeranowska, construction with Dr. Piotr Pachowski and construction with Joanna Pietrzak.

compiled by Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Bartosz Lysikowski

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