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Brick Architecture. Student competition for designs using clinker

16 of July '20

Architecture students are invited to participate in the 3rd edition of the brick architecture competition. You have until September 1 of this year to submit projects using clinker products as one of the main façade materials.

The purpose of the competition is to showcase the workshop skills of university architecture students in the field of architectural design using clinker products on the facade, and to build awareness of the beauty of brick architecture. The idea behind the competition, organized by the Association of Employers of Building Ceramics with substantive support from SARP, is to build awareness of the beauty of brick architecture and promote clinker as a façade material.

According to the organizers:

We want to familiarize future architects with the technology of facades made of bricks and clinker tiles, as well as acquaint them with the possibilities offered to the architect today by the market of ceramic facade materials.

Thecompetition jury composed of: Dorota Szlachcic, Mariusz Ścisło, Tomasz Konior, Grzegorz Stiasny, Marek Furmańczyk will evaluate unrealized projects (concepts) that can be a vision of developing a specific space in an existing or abstract location.

competition task

Each participant may submit a work in one or both of the awarded categories:

  • Category I - Single-family house,
  • Category II - Building of the future.

The competition task is to make an original architectural work in any form of drawing. The mandatory format of the work is a 100×70 cm board in horizontal layout. In each category, works should include: visualization and elevation views. In addition, floor plans with a description of the function in the 1st category or a description of the project concept in the case of the 2nd competition category will also be welcome. Alternatively, a design of the clinker elevation or clinker elevation detail.

  • deadline for submission of works: September 1 this year.
  • applications: application form
  • announcement of results: October 9 this year.

For more information , visit the contest website.

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