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Results of the competition for the extension of the Forest Opera in Sopot

15 of July '20

The competition, aimed at students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdansk University of Technology, concerned the expansion of the Forest Opera in Sopot. The awarded projects are innovative concepts for the revitalization and reconstruction of infrastructure and areas around the Sopot facility.

The purpose of the competition, entitled "Study of the possibilities of development, revitalization and transformation of the city of Sopot and municipal investments in the area of the Forest Opera - concept of a multifunctional complex," was to design the entire infrastructure and area around the facility, excluding the stage and auditorium (which were renovated in previous years). In the submitted works, the students were to propose new functions and usability of the Forest Opera in Sopot while maintaining the most important one - the concert one.

I miejsce na projekt
zagospodarowania Opery Leśnej

First prize ex aequo

© Adam Okuniewski, Kamil Ostrowski

Forest Opera in a new way - competition assumptions

In the submitted projects for the development of the Forest Opera, the participants had to take into account the following functions:

  • event - concert hall for about 1,500 people, foyer, checkroom, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms,
  • sales - ticket offices, gift store, utility rooms,
  • catering - kitchens, facilities, guest toilets,
  • exhibition rooms,
  • hotel rooms - accommodation for artists,
  • administrative and office and utility rooms.

In addition, all of the functions had to be designed with accessibility for people with disabilities, and the design itself had to preserve the natural surroundings of the opera house.

According to Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim - Deputy Mayor of Sopot:

The Forest Opera is a unique facility in Europe, located among greenery, surrounded by forest, and at the same time an iconic place and a permanent part of the history of international music festivals. We decided that such a place requires non-standard solutions.

The competition was resolved in early July this year on the stage of the Forest Opera in Sopot, where the winning works were presented.

As Prof. Lucyna Nyka - dean of the Faculty of Architecture of PG and chairwoman of the competition jury - adds:

Thanks to the detailed framework and guidelines of the competition, our students were able to stimulate their creativity and imagination even more strongly. It is important that such a unique facility as the Forest Opera could function and be available all year round, not just in the summer. The implementation of each of the awarded projects by our students could make this possible.

The submitted works were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • Prof. Lucyna Nyka - dean of the Faculty of Architecture PG
  • Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim - vice-president of Sopot,
  • Dr. Wojciech Targowski, prof. PG,
  • Andrzej Kwiecinski,
  • Beata Majka - director of the Baltic Artistic Agency BART,
  • Aleksandra Narczewska,
  • Dr. Agnieszka Gębczyńska-Janowicz - secretary of the competition.

First place ex aequo

I miejsce ex aequo

First prize ex aequo

© Adam Okuniewski, Kamil Ostrowski

The competition committee awarded the first prize ex aequo in the amount of PLN 5 thousand to two design teams. The project by Adam O kuniewski and Kamil Ostrowski was recognized for its coherent concept of a multifunctional architectural premise. As the jury's justification reads:

Particularly noteworthy is the proposal for an interesting composition of public space, which the authors skillfully integrated into the existing landscape context. The proposed traffic routes have been linked by diversified squares that can provide an attractive meeting and relaxation space for Forest Opera users.

I miejsce ex aequo

First place ex aequo

© Małgorzata Partyka, Monika Pergoł

Thefirst prize also went to the concept by Małgorzata Partyka and Monika Pergoł. The students' work was awarded for its interesting concept of integrating the central square into the spatial layout of the opera house area. The commission also appreciated the proposed material solutions for the multi-purpose hall and the skillful display of greenery.

II place

II miejsce, opera
leśna w Sopocie

II place

© Arleta Cychol, Inga Banaszkiewicz, Joanna Borowska

The work by Arleta Cychol, Inga Banaszkiewicz and Joanna Borowska received the second prize of PLN 3,000. As we read in the justification:

The award was given for the skillful location of the planned architectural objects in the existing greenery complex. The proposed concept places the entrance zone of the planned multifunctional hall in the vicinity of the gate currently leading to the Forest Opera area. The assigned function has been arranged in a block picturesquely built on the western side of the amphitheater, thanks to which the historic building remains a significant dominant feature in the forest landscape.

3rd place

III miejsce, Opera

3rd place

© Joanna Ewa Jarząbkiewicz, Gabriela Sara Grzanka

The team composed of: Joanna Ewa J arząbkiewicz and Gabriela Sara Grzanka received the third prize of PLN 2,000.

The work consciously refers to the landscape context of the designed area. The assigned utility functions were located in a broken, gradually distributed architectural structure in the area. The Competition Commission appreciated, in particular, the concept of the body of the exhibition and museum building harmoniously fitting into the diversified area of the Forest Opera.

The future of the Forest Opera

The competition is the first result of a partnership between the Gdansk University of Technology and the City of Sopot, signed in early June, involving cooperation between the two entities in the development and revitalization of space in the city through the joint organization of student architectural competitions. And what's next for the redevelopment of the opera house and the winning projects?

According to Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim:

The students' competition entries contain interesting architectural solutions and ideas for using the space around the opera house. We will now carefully analyze them, because we are determined to give this unique place anew face. In September we will present a decision on the next steps, which will culminate in a new quality in the surroundings of the Forest Opera.

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Gdansk University of Technology

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