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Heading to Barcelona!

29 of April '20

Barcelona is not only opening its streets to virtual tourists, but also its museums. The Museu Picasso, Fundacio Joan Miro are inviting visitors to their doorsteps, and Gaudi has also sent an invitation. If you are a traveler, not just a tourist, and you value contact with local people, you can take part in With Locals. Unforgettable moments await you!

The statement that it is impossible to appreciate the beauty of a place without seeing it live is a cliche. Nevertheless, in the current reality, when the coronavirus has limited the possibilities of free movement, virtual walks have definitely gained traction. And various institutions in Barcelona have prepared such attractions that even those who have been to the Catalan capital many times will be delighted.

You can start your tour of Barcelona with a virtual walk through the Picasso Museum, which houses some of the best paintings and sculptures.

The museum is currently temporarily closed to the public, but its activities have not stopped, as we are convinced that art is more needed than ever in these difficult times. As usual, the museum's website and our blog are active, but we have also planned a number of activities that can be found online, both through and various social media profiles on Facebook (Museu Picasso Barcelona), Twitter (@museupicasso), Instagram (@museupicasso) and YouTube (Museu Picasso, Barcelona). Therefore, the museum and its collection enter your home more than ever through the screens of your devices ," reads the museum's website.

A similar initiative can be found on the website of Fundacio Joan Miro , a contemporary art museum dedicated to Miro.

We believe that art can be relevant to everyone at all times and in all circumstances. Now more than ever, art is helping us to guide our thoughts and emotions, generate well-being, expand our horizons and enliven our days. With this in mind, we launched +Miro at Home+, an online project for people of all ages. We'll inspire you with Joan Miro's art, offer games and activities to spark creativity at home, and uncover some of our most hidden secrets , we learn from the museum's website.

And if you value not only discovering new places, but also meeting new people, take advantage of the With Locals initiative. Online meetings with locals from different cities are an opportunity to make new friends, have a good time and even participate in various workshops, such as the basics of playing the Spanish guitar.

Of course, there is no way to miss the places associated with Gaudi. You can take a virtual tour of Casa Batlló or visit one of the artist's most impressive works, the Sagrada Familia. All you have to do is go to the official websites of each of these places and find the link to the virtual tour. Ready to go? Vamos!

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