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Reliable and timeless. Here are the interior doors Modus by VOX

19 of May '22

Doors are a multifunctional piece of equipment in any home. They provide a passage between rooms, take care of our privacy, and provide thermal and acoustic insulation. Doors are also decorative. Their color, milling or lack thereof are important in a choice made for years to come. That's why it's worth reaching for solid solutions, the splendor of which will not pass away for a long time, such as Modus doors by VOX.

A way for any interior

Renovation decisions are not the easiest ones. When making them, we are guided by various qualities: color, price, functionality of the product. We also bet on its versatility. When choosing furnishings for our interiors, we want them to accompany us for many years without having to replace them due to various damages. Modus doors are a reliable solution that we can rely on for a long time.

Modus doors with edging made of material resembling natural plywood.


The edging of Modus doors is finished with a durable veneer in anthracite color or a material resembling natural plywood. This provides an interesting color accent, especially in interiors maintained in light tones. The use of colored edging makes dirt less visible on it, which is a practical convenience. Plywood-type edging is available in three types of edges: rebated TOP, rebated KARNIES and rebate-free BP. In the rebated KARNIES version, the edge gently overlaps the surface of the leaf, and the detail is also visible when the door is closed.

Unique finishing

Modus is a door with a panel construction, consisting of an invisible wooden frame hidden under a one-piece panel. Their lightweight infill resembles a honeycomb structure. Panel doors have a uniform surface, due to the lack of visible structure, which distinguishes them from frame doors. In addition, they can be customized and improved with, for example, an undercut vent, a plastic or aluminum ventilation grille, and a hollow particle board infill. All depending on the space into which the door is to lead.

Modus door in the version with anthracite edging


One model, many applications

Coherent, harmoniously arranged spaces require solutions that are resistant to the passage of time - durable, but also adaptable to the changes taking place in our interiors. The universal design of Modus doors means that they will find use as doors for bedrooms, children's rooms, studies, and, thanks to the availability of the option with an MDF porthole covered with black foil - even bathrooms. The white color of Modus doors can harmonize with a white wall, or stand out a against a colorful surface. Modus doors will also go well with wooden flooring and furniture maintained in different colors, such as Balance bookcases from VOX.

Modus doors are available in white


More than a door

Modus doors come not only in the form of a traditional leaf, but also in a sliding version. In this way they guard the private space and decorate our interior at the same time. This non-standard solution brings variety to the arrangement and refreshes it. Sliding doors are perfect for spacious rooms, allowing them to be furnished freely and without disturbing the open plan.

Modus doors in sliding version


Regardless of the style of the interior, Modus will perfectly complement any room in our house or apartment. It's a good idea to consult with qualified advisors who are available to help in VOX stores throughout Poland. The VOX brand especially encourages you to visit showrooms with a range of doors and floors dedicated to this product category.

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