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Energy-efficient Vienna muntins - SWISSPACER's answer to growing customer interest

19 of May '22

Windows with insulating glass units using Vienna muntins from SWISSPACER combine two advantages: traditional appearance and high energy efficiency.

Due to the clearly growing market demand for this type of solution, the Swiss manufacturer has decided to expand its product range. There are now 13 different sizes of muntin bars already offered.

Vienna muntins are made of the same highly insulating plastic as SWISSPACER spacers. Both components have an identical matte design and emphasize the exclusive look of the windows.

© Swisspacer

Unlike muntins made of aluminum, they limit the formation of thermal bridges in the insulating glass unit, and thus the condensation of water vapor and subsequent mold. In this way, thermally insulated windows with SWISSPACER Vienna muntins achieve impressive energy efficiency and are allergy-neutral. End customers can not only save energy and reduce heating costs, but also increase indoor comfort, as the temperature directly next to the window is maintained at an optimal level even in winter.

The effect of SWISSPACER muntins on the UW heat transfer coefficient value of the window is reduced to the maximum - in contrast to metal muntins, which have a significant effect on the cooling of windows. SWISSPACER Vienna muntins can be easily processed and adapted to any window size.

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