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E-construction or government application for submitting applications in the construction process

04 of August '20

It's here! An application to facilitate administrative and construction proceedings. The General Office of Construction Superv ision has prepared an authorized online service that allows you to quickly and easily fill out, sign and send the selected application to the relevant office.

All applications are available on the website of the Main Office of Construction Supervision, and the steps for submitting them are very simple. All you need to do is select the appropriate application complete it and sign it using a trusted profile, and then forward the application to the relevant office using ePUAP.

List of currently available applications:

  • notification of construction works (except for those notifications for which it is necessary to attach a project),
  • demolition permit,
  • notification of demolition,
  • transfer of construction permit decision,
  • transfer of decision on permission to resume construction works,
  • transfer of rights and obligations arising from the notification,
  • notification of the intended date of commencement of construction works,
  • issuance of a decision on the necessity of entering a neighboring building, premises or on the territory of a neighboring property,
  • change of use of a building object or its part,
  • a statement on the right to dispose of the real estate for construction purposes.

The Ministry announces that by autumn it will also be possible to submit construction documentation online. And by the end of the year, it will be possible to apply for a building permit online.

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