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Easy Alu - aluminum post balustrade system

01 of December '19

The expert in charge of balustrade systems from Q-railing presents the latest aluminum balustrade system: Easy Alu. Characterized by high quality, the system has a modern design and is available in many versions. Three order options make it possible to fulfill the most individual customer orders. For example, it is possible to order made-to-measure, complete balustrade modules, which only need to be anchored at the destination.

Practical pre-assembly

The aluminum components of the Easy Alu system are available with brushed, raw or powder-coated surfaces. The filling of the aluminum structure can be a choice of glass or glass with multiple crossbars. All individual components can be made in a convenient prefabrication system in the form of ready-made balustrade modules. In doing so, the customer can decide whether the pre-assembly is to be done in-house, or whether Q-railing should take over this work. Both options make it easier to work with tight timeframes and short project deadlines, as only the balustrades need to be anchored on site and the handrails installed.

Customized orders

According to Jeffrey Meijer, product manager at Q-railing, Easy Alu is no ordinary aluminum balustrade:

Aluminum balustrades are not new to the market. Installers appreciate advantages such as attractive prices and light weight of components, for example. But we want something more - we want to offer something different. That's why we designed a system that is modern, safe and easy to install. Thanks to our three different order options, each customer can order the most suitable balustrade variant.

Modules ready for installation

Q-railing offers custom-made, ready-to-install Easy Alu modules, precisely tailored to the customer's requirements. Q-railing is responsible for the complete prefabrication of the individual components and performs the pre-assembly of the balustrades. All that is required is to anchor the finished modules to the floor on site and install the railings.

Prefabrication of individual components

Q-railing is responsible for cutting, drilling and possibly powder coating individual components exactly according to the customer's order and design specifications. All components are then delivered to order and only need to be assembled into modules and built in at the destination.

Standard individual components

The Easy Alu system offers the possibility of ordering standard individual components straight from the warehouse. Customers do the prefabrication themselves (cutting, drilling and possible painting), combine them into balustrade modules then install them at the destination.

Quick installation of glass fillings

Q-railing's Easy Alu is a system that has the latest Glass Wing seals. For quick installation of glass sheets, Glass Wing initially remains open in the profile of the structure. This helps to quickly install the glass without any unnecessary effort. As soon as the glass sheet is inserted, the rubber tightens automatically and securely.

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